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Covering 3.15sq kilometers; Liugong Island is a state-level scenic spot and key state-protected spot for cultural relics. Calle d

"Paradise on the Sea" and "Unsinkable Warship". It is the birthplace of Beiyang Fleet. The first modern navy force in China. As it is a famous base for patriotic education. Jiang Zemin wrote the inscription for China Jiawu War Museum. There are the remains of Beiyang Fleet Command, the Residence of Commander Ding, Iron Dock and Old Fort, the Monument to the Soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Jiawu War, China Weapons Museum,

China Forest Park and Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum reproducing the battle scenes with modern technologies. Liugong Island took the lead in establishing National Civilized Scenic Spot in China and the protection, management and development of the Island has entered a new stage. In 1998, its tourist arrivals totaled 1.3 million. In 1999 approved by the Ministry of Construction, it became a State-level Civilized Scenic Spot.

China Jiawu War museum

The name of this museum was written by Jiang Zemin, Chinese President. The museum is set in the Beiyang Naval Headquarters at Liugong Island. All the 28 old buildings of Beiyang navy of Qing Dynasty are the State-level cultural relies under protection. Since the opening of the museum in 1985,

more than 60 State leaders and 10 million people from 90 countries visited here. China Jiawu War museum is a pilot base for the patriotic education in China.

Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum

Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum, situated in the Liugong Island of Weihai, is a large memorial hall reflecting the solemn and tragic history with comprehensive art forms. Composed of 9 display rooms. Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum, integrating multiple art forms such as sculpture, painting,

films and videos and using modern technologies like sound, light, electricity and controls as well as intense visual languages, brings the history back to the people, reproducing the solemn historical scene of the defeat of Beiyang navy and the determined defense of Weihai people.

CCTV Weihai Film and TV City

Located along the beautiful western coast of Weihai. CCTV Weihai Film and TV City takes a space of 500mu. The phase 1 project-Windmill Tourist Spot and Cartoon City take a space of 110mu. The plan for phase 2 project includes 10 function areas, over 70scenic spots,

displaying the essence of modern tourism of European style and integrating history, science and technology art, dreams and adventure. Catering to the needs of the next century, it is an ideal place for shooting films, sightseeing and spending holidays.

Huancui Tower Park

Located at the foot of Naigu Hill, Huancui Tower Park takes a space of over 300mu. Built in 1489 and innovated in 1931, the park was burned down by the Japanese army. In 1978, the Government of Weihai rebuilt the Huancui Tower Park, completing the historic construction with groups of pavilions,

towers, terraces and corridors. In the park are all kinds of plants including some precious trees. In addition to an animal area where the animals under state protection from category 1, category 2 to category 3 are raised, places and facilities for body-building and entertainment can be found inside the park.

Coast in the Northern Suburbs

This scenic spot was located at the eastern foot of Mianhua Hill north of Weihai. It is characterized with green hills, blus sea, islands, reels and beaches. With a spectacular scenery and natural coastline, the scenic spot attracts a large number of tourists each year with East Hill, Sea Bathing Beach, Banyue Bay, Heishuiyang. Put ao Beach, Hailong Stone, Maotou Hill, Mouse Rock and Folklore village. Mianhua hill, 293.8 meters high above sea level, is the highest peak. Going southward, the tourists will reach the coastline.

Holy Water Temple

Located at the 6th kilometer southeast of Qiaotou of Weihai, it was named after the holy spring in the temple. The temple underwent innovation several times and has a history of 800 years. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are 30 natural scenic spots in the temple. With the ginkgo of thousands of years and the holy water those can cure the illness, the temple has spectacular halls, terraces, pavilions and altars. There are some inscriptions of ancient people on the cliffs. Along the 260-meter-long tablet corridors are 140 inscriptions by the State leader and well-known calligraphers. Holy caves, mysterious peaks, pines, bamboo, towers, pavilion, strange stones are all the tourist attractions here. By the cable way, the tourists can do sightseeing over the pine forest and Bailong Lake, which is to be built, and reach Qizhen Altar the 4000-mu forest nature reserve will be in the eyes of the tourists.

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