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Nanning Travel Medicinal Botanical Garden

A comprehensive garden integrated sightseeing with scientific research, teaching and production, the Medicinal Botanical Garden is located at the foot of Dongnan Mountain near the city. It covers an area of 200 hectares with more than 2,000 plants grown for pharmaceutical use. The garden is one of the largest of its kind in China and Southeast Asia.

Southern Lake Park

Located in the south of the city, Southern Lake Park covers an area of 1.266 million square meters and has earned a reputation as the "Slender West Lake of Nanning". Within the park, there are statues of the martyrs Li Mingrui and Wei Baqun, and a memorial hall for revolutionary martyrs.

The park has three gardens: the Chinese Herbal Garden has more than 1,400 varieties of herbs; the Potted Landscape Garden features unusual miniature landscapes; the Orchid Garden has some 60 varieties of hybrid orchid. The annual Chrysanthemum Festival is held in the park every autumn.

West Suburb Zoo

The zoo boasts various rare birds and beasts in more than 170 varieties including the white crown monkeys, black monkeys, gibbons, rhinos, lions, tigers, and pandas. It has a large crocodile enclosure, and a large elephant enclosure has been put into use recently. There are ten elephants performing for visitors. Wild white pigeons flock to the zoo and frolic among the visitors.

In addition, there are all kinds of recreational facilities for children to enjoy themselves at weekends.

People's Park

One of the eight old scenic spots in Nanning, People's Park is located in the east of the city. The park's White Dragon Lake ripples with clear water.
According to historical records, a general called Di Qing in Song Dynasty who led his soldiers to live here, once saw a flock of white sheep that grazed along the shores of the lake. The silhouette of the flock reminded him of a dragon writhing along the waters, so he named the lake White Dragon Lake.

With thousands of red carp breeding in the lake, it attracts countless visitors to appreciate the darting fish. The entire scenery of the city can be seen when you climb to the highest point of the park-Wangxian Hill On the top of the hill is the Zhenning Cannon Platform built in the early years of the Republic. The ancient cannon made by Germans in 1890 has become part of the park scenery. In addition, there is a large botanical garden gathering plants of tropical and subtropical zones.

Golden Scented-Tea Park

The Golden Scented-Tea Park, located in the east of the city, looks like a carpet of green grass with clumps of luxuriant subtropical plants scattered about. The most precious type of plants in the park is the golden scented tea, which is under the state protection and is known as the Queen of Tea. Visitors flock to the garden to see the golden yellow blossoms of the scented tea plants every year. The variety gathered in this park is considered as the best in the world.

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