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Qinhuangdao, the only Chinese city with the name of an emperor

Near Beijing and Tianjin, Qinhuangdao is an important and beautiful coastal city ...

Qinhuangdao is a beautiful city in Hebei province. Owner of an important natural harbor and relatively close to Beijing (280 km) and Tianjin (245 km), it is economic and technological development zones (from 1984) and has an fluorishing economy. The area of development zone has arrived to about 57 sq km. In the last five years the approved projects are almost 4700 (including 450 with foreign participation) with a total investment of U.S. $ 4.73 billion. Qinhuangdao is also a destination with many visitors The main attraction of the area is the sea and the relatively clean beaches. In the area of Qinhuangdao the districts more attractive for tourism are Shanhaiguan and Beidaihe.

Qinhuangdao owes its name to an inspection made in 215 BC by Qin Huang Di, the first emperor of China. After the visit of the town took its name and subsequently remained the only city in China to carry the name of an emperor. Qinhuangdao has won the reputation of China's Seaside Great Wall Park for her varied natural and humane view, featured by the Great Wall winding across, mountain and sea linking to each other and ecological environment being sound and pleasant. In a scope of 50 km, varied natural views which are extremely pleasant to the eyes concentrate including mountain, sea, lake, waterfall, forest, caves and spring.

There are located in this area also the Liujiang Geological Park, national level Longevity Hill Forest Park and Changli Golden Beach National Ocean Natural Preserve. Along the beach line, we have temperate slope, clear water, soft sand and friendly tide, which combine to be the best sand beach line in the north of China. Old Dragon's Head, the First Pass under Heaven, Longevity Hill, the Great Wall at Mount Jiaoshan, Temple of Lady Mengjiang compose the tour of culture of the Great Wall.Beidaihe,Nandaihe, Golden Beach of Changli compose the seaside leisure tour to contact the sea and relax; Mount Zushan, Jieshishan, Tianmashan and Yanghe River, Yanshai Lake etc compose the mountain and water view tour to touch the green mountain and clear water; Jifa Ecological Agricultural Sight Seeing Farm, Wangyu Mountain Resort, Baozigou etc compose the rural ecological tour to feel vast and clear country view; Ruins of residence of Emperor Qinshihuang, the spot where Emperor Qinshihuang Sought Immortals, Museum of the Great Wall compose the tour traced from history. Qinhuandao is reputed to have 40 beautiful scenery all over the city, and this attracts more than 10 million tourists every year.

Qinhuangdao is a beautiful coastal city and has many qualities that make it an ideal place to live. She presents vigorous vitality with her world famous natural port, poetic beautiful seaside scenery, pleasant climate in four distinguished seasons, combination of sea and mountain, prosperous downtown surrounded by lawns and flowers, streets adorned by parks and squares etc. Forestation ratio of the urban area is 41.1%, average public green land per capita is 8.3 m2. Days with grade two air qualities or above reach more than 350 days. The whole city is like a huge natural oxygen bar. Contents of negative oxygen ions are more than 7000 per cubic millimeter which is 10 to 20 times of other domestic cities. Qinhuangdao is a national hygienic cities, national garden style city, a city suitable for living and one of the top 50 cities with all best qualities for living.

Qinhuangdao is a city with a historical past rich and interesting. Qinhuangdao has rich history and condensed culture. It was called Jieshi in ancient times as the central area of Guzhu, a civilized and prosperous ancient state, where once lived Boyi and Shuqi, ancient men of virtue entitled by Confucius. China's first emperor, Qinshihuang came here on his eastward inspection tour in B.C 215 and sent Lusheng, a person of the State of Yan and Handong, an alchemist to seek immortals out to the sea and made the Inscription of Jieshi Gate, which is the origin of the name Qinhuangdao, meaning island of Emperor Qinshihuang. Qinhuangdao is the only city in China named after an emperor. After that, several emperors including Emperor Hanwudi, who was of great talent and bold strategy; Emperor Weiwudi, who was proficient in both civil and military thoughts; Emperor Tangtaizong, who was a wise governor of prosperous era; and Emperor Yuantaizu, was a most brilliant man at the time, came to Qinhuangdao and endorsed the place with numerous legendary stories. At the beginning of the Ming Daynasty, General Xuda built a fort here, Shaihaiguan is named the First Pass under Heaven for its magnificence, steepness and crucial military importance. In 1898, Emperor Guangxu of the Ching Dynasty approved Qinhuangdao to open as a port and Beidaihe to be built into a tourism and summer resort. Great men like Sun Zhongshan, Li Dazhao, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping etc all visited the place which adds to the splendor of the city. The appealing poem about Beidaihe in ancient verse style greatly expanded the popularity of Qinhuangdao. Beidaihe is till today a popular holiday resort very appreciated by foreigners from many important people in China.

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