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Beihai Park Beijing Travel

Beihai Park Beijing TravelBrief introduction on Beihai Park

Beihai Park is one of the oldest and well-preserved imperial gardens. Having been built in the 10 th century, Beihai Park has a history of over 1000 years and survived to five dynasties (Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing). Many of the buildings that still exist today were built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1735-1796). Beihai Park is under the protection of the State Council and was opened to the public since 1926. Nowadays is still one of the main attractions located in central Beijing (very close to the Forbidden City).

Beihai Park Beijing TravelWonders inspired by landscapes and architectures of China

Beihai Park covers an area of more than 69 hectares, with a lake that covers more than half of the entire Park. At the age of 800, it is the earliest to be built and well-preserved imperial garden in the world. The park, which follows the creative principles of traditional Chinese architecture and techniques, is a precious cultural heritage. Beihai Park is a classic example of traditional Chinese gardens (make gardens in China is always been an art very appreciated). These ancient gardens were inspired by landscapes and architecture from various parts of China (such as willows of Taihu Lake, pagodas and small bridges in Hangzhou, or the classical gardens of Suzhou).

Beihai Park Beijing TravelFrom White Dagoba to Nine-dragon Screen

The Beihai Park is composed from 3 principal elements: Qionghua Island, Tuancheng Island and the North Bank. The Park also offers a lot of boating entertainment and holds shows all year. It's really a fantastic attraction for tourists. At the center of the park there is an island called Qionghua where, at the highest point, it was built the White Dagoba, a stupa (a Buddhist style building) which has become the symbol and the main landmark of Beihai Park.

Beihai Park Beijing TravelAlso the Five Dragon Pagodas are very visited

Much visited by tourists, at the north bank, is also the Five Dragon Pagodas, five interconnected pavilions that were built during the Ming Dynasty. Another famous monument is the Wall of Nine Dragons. Built in 1402, is made with 7-color glaze bricks and shows (on both sides of the wall) nine dragons playing with the clouds. Within Beihai Park there are also two of major attractions of Beijing: the Spring Shade on Qionghua Island and the Autumn Breeze over Taiyechi. Other well-known scenic spots are Haopujian, Jingxinzhai, Hall of Heavenly Kings, Kuaixue Hall, Chanfu Temple and Xiaoxitian.

Beihai Park Beijing TravelThe delights of Fangshan Restaurant, before the Nine-dragon Wall

Beihai Fangshan is a Classic Chinese Restaurant located inside the park in the Qiongdao Island, the restaurant is positioned in front of the Nine-dragon Wall in the north bank of the lake within Beihai Park. The restaurant has a history of about 70 years and it is famous in China for its dishes with flavors court, in fact there are about 800 dishes types with court flavors. The main refreshment dish of the restaurant are sweet pea pudding, French bean rolls, small steamed wheat bread and cake baked with mince meat.

Beihai Park Beijing TravelManhan Quanxi, the delicacy that combines the north and south China

Although, the most important dish is called "Manhan Quanxi", the Fangshan Restaurant mixes Manchu barbeque with cooking stew, simmer, boil and frying of the Han nationality. It integrates all the characteristics of food series from the north and south China and the cooking skills of the Manchu and Han nationalities. Also , to satisfy the needs of consumers, the restaurant has worked out a particularly chosen, Manchu and Han banquet which consumers can eat up to one meal. Lastly, in this restaurant there is no discount item, no compartment , special services and especially you have to reserve it one day in advance.

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