Zhejiang: Yandang Mountain, one of the 10 most famous mountains in China

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It is located 90 minutes from Wenzhou, The International tourism is coming

Beautiful mountain scenery near Wenzhou city

Yandang Mountain is a resort with beatifull sceneries and is one of ten most famous mountains in China. It was included in the list of World Heritage (UNESCO) from 1991. It is located in Leqing, County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, at distance of 300 km to Hangzhou and at distance of 70 km to Wenzhou, the trains from Shanghai South Railway Station to Yandang Mountain takes 4,5 hours to get destination. To visit Yandang Mountain it is advisable to stay in an Wenzhou hotel

This is the "World Geopark", where the volcano erupted 60 times

Yandang Mountain, sometime surnamed a "World Geopark" which was formed 120 million years ago. During the last 20,000 years, the Yandang volcano has had four periods of activity and at least 60 eruptions. With an area of 450 sq km (and a core area of 186 km), the mountain is based on the natural landscapes such as brooks, lakes, springs, waterfalls, rivers, ponds, ravines and swamps. The renown of Yandang Mountain started from Tang Dynasty in seven century and flourished in Song Dynasty during thirteen century.

The 450 tourist attractions of Yandang Mountain

Yandang Shan ('shan' is 'mountain' in Chinese language) features natural and sometimes bizarre landforms and it is rich in tourism resources. Yandang Mountain has about 450 tourist attractions and nine most appreciated scenic zones. The most famous scenic spots are Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock and Dalongqiu Waterfall. They are named also as the "three perfect scenic spots" in Yandang Mountain.

Enchanted landscapes, caves and steepest rock

Other five scenic areas are very interesting. The bridge Immortal (Xianqiao) is known as a fairy-tale environment. The Wild Goose Lake (Lake Yan) means "lake for wild geese". The slope Gate (Gate xiansheng) is considered the steepest rock in Yandang Mountain. The Cave of Goat Horn (Yangjiao Cave) is inspired by the Chinese tradition of Taoism. The three-step waterfall (Sanzhe Pu) is special because here there was the old extinct volcano.

Dalongqiu Waterfall, the higher waterfall in China

The height of the Dalongqiu Waterfall is 197 m, perhaps the most higher waterfall in China. The waterfall runs down vertically from the arid precipices, without even a glade of grass. Dalongqiu Waterfall changes appearance depending on the season or depending on whether it rains or there is the sun. In spring, autumn and winter the rains are usually scarce and the waterfall turns into a spray, creating a beautiful rainbow effect in the presence of sunlight. During the summer the volume of water increases substantially and the waterfall plunges into the lake with a jet powerful and spectacular.

Sudden steep peaks taller than 100 meters

In the area of Yandang Mountain the peaks rise abruptly from the floor and everywhere you can see craggy peaks of over 100 meters high. It 's almost impossible for tourists to climb up a mountain so steep. Instead, if they climb the mountain along the winding (and easier to walk)paths, the tourists can enjoy the most bizarre shaped rocks and craggy peaks.

Ticket Prices

To visit the mountains of Yandang Shan you can not pay a single ticket. Each attraction has its own entrance and its ticket office. Ticket prices are as follows: Lingfeng Peak (at night): 41 yuan; Lingfeng Peak (for the daytime): 41 yuan; Lingyan Rock: 40 yuan; Dalongqiu Waterfall: 40 yuan; Three-layer Waterfall: 15 yuan; Wild Goose Lake: 15 yuan; Sheep Horn Cave: 15 yuan; Xiansheng Gate: 15 yuan.

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