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Capital City Beijing (Peking)
Area 9.6 million sq km (the third-largest country in the world, after Russia and Canada)
Location East of Asia, West of Pacific Ocean
State People's Republic of China (PRC), founded in 1 October 1949
Value Renminbi (RMB), Yuan
Altitude High in the West, Low in the East
Territory Hills 9.9%, Plains 12%, Basins 18.8%, Plateaus 26%, Mountains 33.3%
Climate Mostly temperate, tropical-subtropical in the south, frigid in the nord

In China a large amount of live animal species, among which there are 4400 types of vertebrates and more than 100 rare species, most of whom live in China alone. We mention only some of the most famous: the giant panda (Sichuan and Shanxi provinces), the white-lipped deer (Qinghai and Tibet), the golden monkey (Sichuan and Yunnan), the northeast China tiger (near Korea's border), the river dolphin and the Chinese alligator (Yangtze River), the Tibetan antelope, Chinese white bear (Hubei province).

In China there are more than 7,300 species of woody plants. The species of timber trees are 2,820, the species of gymnosperms are over 300. China still grow some species long extinct in the rest of the world, such as the rare gingko tree, metasequoia and Cathaya tree. Many species of flowering plants are native of China, for example, are Chinese 636 of 815 known types of azaleas. Same thing for 382 of the 460 known varieties of primrose and 233 of the 418 known varieties of gentian. The tree peony is native to China (Shandong Province) and here there are 422 different types.

According to a census of 2009, China has a population of 1,331,460,000. Based on the growth rates seen in past years, it is reasonable that the current population is approximately 1,360 million. About 1.210 million persons are Han nationality and 150 million are of various national minorities (in China there are 56 ethnic groups). The population is as follows: males 51.5%, the females: 48.5%; people below 14 years old: 22.5%; people 15-64 years: 70.5%; people above 65: 7%; urban population: 36%; rural population: 64%.

The Main Cities of China and their Population
Shanghai 22.265.426, Beijing 19.295.000, Guangzhou 11.070.654, Shenzhen 10.357.938, Tianjin 11.090.044, Dongguan 8.220.937, Chengdu 7.123.697, Hong Kong 7.055.071, Nanjing 6.852.984, Wuhan 6.434.373, Shenyang 5.743.718, Hangzhou 5.695.313, Chongqing 5.402.721, Harbin 4.517.549, Suzhou 4.074.000, Xi'an 3.890.098, Qingdao 3.063.492, Changsha 3.093.980, Zhengzhou 3.132.000, Jinan 3.922.180, Taiyuan 3.212.500, Wuxi 3.542.319, Zibo 3.002.181, Kunming 3.184.580, Hefei 3.352.076, Changchun 3.341.700, Dalian 3.266.905, Ningbo 3.089.180, Fuzhou 2.921.763, Changzhou 3.290.548, Quanzhou 1.398.427, Wenzhou 2.312.066, Xiamen 1.861.289, Shijiazhuang 2.604.930, Tangshan 919.082, Taizhou (Zhejiang) 1.575.252, Ürümqi 2.302.146, Guiyang 2.552.635, Nanning 2.875.220, Xuzhou 2.828.834, Nanchang 2.012.400, Shantou 1.346.708, Lanzhou 2.177.130, Anshan 1.529.350, Yangzhou 1.112.526, Haikou 2.046.189, Nantong 1.994.708, Hohhot 1.980.774, Jilin City 1.975.803, Huainan 1.626.905, Linyi 1.876.770, Xiangtan 684.600, Huizhou 1.746.180, Baotou 1.779.420, Nanyang 1.672.171, Baoding 1.028.000, Liuzhou 1.029.946, Tai'an 1.594.877, Fuyang 1.533.432, Jiangmen 1.529.556, Yinchuan 1.290.170, Weifang 1.512.984, Zhuhai 761.200, Huangshi 621.654, Lu'an 1.482.729, Luoyang 1.527.250, Zhangzhou 596.165, Datong 1.570.035, Zhanjiang 1.400.685, Panjin 635.037, Suqian 1.382.049, Handan 946.159, Maanshan 633.94, Yingkou 897.515, Fushun 1.340.205, Heze 1.300.541, Bozhou 1.261.670, Changde 1.232.182, Yantai 1.747.494, Neijiang 1.225.424, Xining 1.198.304, Shaoxing 1.195.797, Yichang 1.231.175, Jingzhou 1.154.086, Xiangyang 1.121.000, Chifeng 1.094.970, Guigang 1.084.065, Jinhua 1.082.974, Xingtai 1.067.772.

The Provinces of China and their Population
Guangdong 104.303.132, Shandong 95.793.065, Henan 94.023.567, Sichuan 80.418.200, Jiangsu 78.659.903, Hebei 71.854.202, Hunan 65.683.722, Anhui 59.500.510, Hubei 57.237.740, Zhejiang 54.426.891, Guangxi 46.026.629, Yunnan 45.966.239, Jiangxi 44.567.475, Liaoning 43.746.323, Heilongjiang 38.312.224, Shaanxi 37.327.378, Fujian 36.894.216, Shanxi 35.712.111, Guizhou 34.746.468, Chongqing 28.846.170, Jilin 27.462.297, Gansu 25.575.254, Inner Mongolia 24.706.321, Shanghai 23.019.148, Xinjiang 21.813.334, Beijing 19.612.368, Tianjin 12.938.224, Hainan 8.671.518, Qinghai 6.301.350, Ningxia 6.176.900, Tibet 3.002.166, Macau 552.3, Hong Kong 7.061.200.

The main Festivals during the year are the New Year's Day (January 1,as customary international), the Spring Festival (the New Year's Day by Chinese lunar calendar), International Labor Day (May 1), and the National Republic Day (October 1).

In China there are among 5,400 islands. One of the main islands is Hainan (about 34,000 square km).

In China there are 7 of the 19 mountains above 7000 meters existing in the world. Among the 19 mountains over 7,000 meters high in the world, seven are in China. They are located in Qinghai-Tibet and in Himalayas (average elevation of 6,000 meters), where there is also the Mount Qomolangma (western name 'Mount Everest'), that is 8,848 meters above sea level.

The Yangtze River is 6,300 km long, and is the third longest river in the world after the Nile and the Amazon river. The second longest in China is the Yellow River (5,464 km). The Grand Canal, measuring 1,801 km, is the longest man-made river in the world. The construction work started in the fifth century BC.

The Poyang Lake (Jiangxi province) is a freshwater lake: measures 3206.98 sq km and is located on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Qinghai Lake is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Province, measures 4340 sq km and is a salt lake. Other very big lakes are the Dongting Lake (Hunan province, 2691 sq km) and the Taihu Lake (Jiangsu and Zhejiang, 2537 sq km).

In the territory of China there are several seas: the Bohai Sea, the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea.

In China there is also the largest canyon in the world: the Yalu Tsangpo River, 505 km in length and 6 km in depth.

In the recent past in China were discovered human remains dating back 1.8 million years ago. The first dynasty was the Xia Dynasty and dates back 21st century BC. The modern, actual 'People's Republic of China' was founded on October 1th, 1949.

Chinese Culture
Were born in China four great inventions that have changed the world: paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass. But they were also invented in China many many other things. The Chinese embroidery and silk was famous in the world from thousands of years. The painting, calligraphy and Chinese operas are still recognized as the testimony of a culture of high level. In all types of art, and in all possible expressions of human intelligence, China has left the works and the memory of great men, that for their intelligence and their abilities will be remembered forever. Even the martial arts, now so popular around the world have an ancient (but very actual) wins of Chinese culture. And of course you can not forget the Chinese food, which spread all over the world and is known and appreciated by all.

The Provinces of China and their GDP in millions of US dollars
Guangdong 6,717.31, Jiangsu 6,042.30, Shandong 5,822.62, Zhejiang 4,021.97, Henan 3,389.12, Hebei 2,983.54, Liaoning 2,700.09, Sichuan 2,496.28, Shanghai 2,492.42, Hunan 2,349.08, Hubei 2,334.90, Fujian 2,120.85, Beijing 2,035.30, Anhui 1,811.56, Inner Mongolia 1,721.69, Heilongjiang 1,511.93, Shaanxi 1,480.39, Guangxi 1,403.71, Jiangxi 1,393.75, Tianjin 1,345.57, Shanxi 1,342.50, Jilin 1,267.02, Chongqing 1,166.15, Yunnan 1,066.57, Xinjiang 800.47, Guizhou 678.63, Gansu 608.53, Hainan 303.14, Ningxia 242.77, Qinghai 199.49, Tibet 74.96.

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