Zhuhai hotels: our hotels located in Zhuhai are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in Zhuhai, and they have the lowest rates in Zhuhai. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the Zhuhai city, they guarantee the best accommodation in Zhuhai.

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Guangdong Regency Hotel, Zhuhai
Guangdong Regency Hotel, Zhuhai The hotel is located 35-minutes by car to the airport, 60-minutes by ship to Hong Kong, and only a 5-minute walk from Macau. - The Hotel is situated on Yuehai Road East, a business and commercial center of the city.The hotel is located 35-minutes by car to the airport, 60-minutes by ship to Hong Kong, and only a 5-minutes by car from Macau.
Standard Single Room 60.00 USDBook

Dihao Holiday Hotel, Zhuhai
Dihao Holiday Hotel, Zhuhai It takes at most 40 minutes to the Zhuhai Airport and is a short distance from Jiu Zhou Port, Macau, and other cities. - Imperial Holiday Hotel aims to be a five-star resort and convention centre. Its architectural style mirrors that of Europe. It is the most unique holiday facility in Zhuhai.
Standard Twin Room 37.00 USDBook

Bai Li Commercial Hotel
Bai Li Commercial Hotel Distance from the airport: 46.8km Distance from the city center: 13km Distance from Zhuhai duty-free shopping mart: 1km - Bai Li Commercial Hotel 4 star standard business hotel. Located at the prosperous business, tourism and shopping area in Jida District, and adjacent to Zhuhai department store square, Tongluowan duty free mart, Haitian business square, the provincial long distance bus station and the general public bus station, it is of convenient transportation.
Standard Twin Room 34.00 USDBook

Harmony Resort Hotel,Zhuhai
Harmony Resort Hotel,Zhuhai Statue of Fisher Girl About 18 minutes Gongbei Port About 7 minutes Jiuzhou Port About 10 minutes Bar Street About 7 minutes Zhuhai Airport About 45 minutes Jiuzhou Cheng & Duty-free Shopping Mall About 13 minutes Gongbei Bus Terminal About 7 minutes - The Hotel was well decorated and upgraded in 2010, and was grandly opened in January 2011. It is a luxurious business & resort hotel conforming to the international four-star standard. Its decoration in the imperial style of the Tang Dynasty is elegant and graceful, full of both Chinese and Japanese characteristics.
Business Big Bed Room 40.00 USDBook

ZhuHai HongDu Hotel Wireless Internet
ZhuHai HongDu Hotel distant from airport 43.4 km - Hongdu Hotel locates on Yuehai Road which is in the prosperous downtown. It is west to Yindu and Southeast to Yuehai. The transportation is fairly convenient as this hotel is only 3 minutes to Gongbei customs, 15 minutes to Jiuzhou Port.
Standard Twin Room (Building A) 33.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Yinzuo Hotel Wireless Internet
Zhuhai Yinzuo Hotel All the following buses can reach the hotel:No.9, 20, 21, 40, 43, 60 - The hotel is a 4 star hotel. It is located in the prosperous business zone. The transportation is convenient and the environment is elegant. There are various place of interest around the hotel: Jiuzhou City, Shijing Mountain Park, Zhuhai Haibin Park.
Standard Big Bed Room 39.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Kingdo Hotel
Zhuhai Kingdo Hotel 1km from City center(Gongbei); 1km from Gongbei Bus Station; 50km from Zhuhai Sanzao Airport, take airport express to Zhongzhu Mansion, then transfer taxi to hotel. - Zhuhai Kingdo Hotel is located in Gongbei Area, the most prosperous commercial and financial center of Zhuhai. By virtue of its easy access to transportation, it has become an ideal choice of both domestic and foreign guests for business and holiday-taking. The overall decoration of the Hotel was completed in March 2011.
Superior Big Bed Room no breakfast59.00 USDBook

Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) hotel
Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) hotel 45.2km to airport, 2.6km to sea or port. - Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) hotel is a unique apartment hotel for a business travel or family vacation in Zhuhai City. The hotel is by the mountainside with gardenesque environment of 78, 000 square meters in area.
Business Suite Prepay92.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Liuhe Holiday Hotel
Zhuhai Liuhe Holiday Hotel 48km to Sanzao Airport. 142km to Guangzhou Railway Station. 161km to Shenzhen Railway Station. - The Liuhe Holiday Hotel is located at the core section of Xiangzhou District, close to Gongbei Port of Mecau Customs, Jiuzhou Port. It is handy to a supermarket, sports center and cultural center. Guests with their own cars can reach Macau in ten minutes and guests interested in traveling by ferry will arrive in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in one hour.
Superior Big Bed Room 45.00 USDBook

Haoting Commercial Hotel, Zhuhai
Haoting Commercial Hotel, Zhuhai 40 minutes driving to Zhuhai Airport; 15 minutes driving to Jiuzhou Harbor Passenger Terminal; 8 minutes driving to Gongbei Port or Gongbei passanger station; Surrounding landscape: New Yuanming Palace, Lovers Road - Located on No.21 Yixian Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai. 40 minutes driving to Zhuhai Airport; 15 minutes driving to Jiuzhou Harbor Passenger Terminal; 8 minutes driving to Gongbei Port or Gongbei passanger station;
Superior Twin Room 31.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Harbour View Hotel
Zhuhai Harbour View Hotel Located in the heart of Zhuhai, convenient for both business and leisure. It is about 47km from the airport. - Located in the heart of Zhuhai. Convenient for both business and leisure.
Superior City-view Big Bed Room Prepay83.00 USDBook

Nanyang Seascape Hotel Zhuhai
Nanyang Seascape Hotel Zhuhai The hotel is located in the flourishing Gongbei District. It is about 43.5 km to the airport. About 0.5 km to the bus station(about 5 minutes walking distance). - Nanyang Seascape Hotel located in the flourishing city of Gongbei, looks at the bluish waves vast south sea of China, adjoin Macao. Hotels fit up luxuriously according to the international modern four-star standard, is the comprehensive hotels incorporating travel, lie fallow, the commercial affair into an organic whole.
Deluxe City-View Big Bed Room 72.00 USDBook

Haijing Wanhao Hotel
Haijing Wanhao Hotel To the downtown: 0.1km To Guangzhou Railway Station: 90km To the airport: 48km To the seaside: 0.1km To the ferry pier: 8.5km - Haijing Wanhao Hotel is equipped to four-star standard. This hotel integrates business, tourism, and resort as a whole. It is the first choice for your business and leisure.
Standard Single Room 21.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Yin Hua Hotel
Zhuhai Yin Hua Hotel 200 meters from the sea eco-museum, walk about 3-5 minutes; 300 meters from Macau and Hengqin travel, walk about 5 minutes; 900 meters from the Arch of Triumph Square, walk about 15 minutes; 5 km from the Garden of Stone, about 10 minutes by taxi; 7 km from Zhuhai Sandiequan Scenic Area, about 15 minutes by taxi; 6 km from Gongbei, about 10 minutes by taxi; 45 km from Zhuhai Sanzao Airport, about 50 minutes by taxi. - Yin Hua Hotel Zhuhai is a 3 stars hotel,a great decor along with the very best in services and facilities. The hotel is situated in Zhuhai Gongbei Business Area. The hotel is facing to Macau across a river, near to Nanping technology park and Hengqin development zone. The hotel is an easy walking distance away from New Yuanmingyuan Park, Wanchai Seafood Street, Zhuhai Lost City, guest can also take a short taxi ride to.
Standard Big Bed Room 34.00 USDBook

Dragon Union Hotel - Zhuhai
Dragon Union Hotel - Zhuhai It is about 20-minutes driving to Kowloon Harbour and 45-minutes to Zhuhai International Airport. - The hotel is located in the heart of Tangjia Town.
Deluxe Twin Room 42.00 USDBook

Greenery Hotel - Zhuhai
Greenery Hotel - Zhuhai The hotel located in bustling business center- Jida, Zhuhai, near to bathing beach and World Trade Center. 3.5km from Shijingshan Park; 47km from Zhuhai Sanzao Airport; 2km from Jiuzhou Port; 7km from New Yuanming Palace; 15minutes' walking distance from Zhuhai Museum. - Zhuhai Greenery Hotel is a garden-type modern & deluxe Room, integrating leisure, vacation, conference, business. Hotel is full of green flavor, it's a good choice of Chinese and foreign tourists. Greenery Hotel is located in the city center of Zhuhai, 3-min-drive to Jiuzhou port, 7-min-drive to Macao port, 45-min-drive to Zhuhai airport.
Big Bed Room 37.00 USDBook

Catic Hotel, Zhuhai Wireless Internet
Catic Hotel, Zhuhai Catic Hotel is 46-kilometers to the airport and only 2.4-kilometers to the Jiuzhou Port. - Located on the east of the Jiuzhou Road, Catic Hotel has convenient traffic and adjacent to the Jiuzhou City, duty-free shop, seaside bath, and Jiuzhou port.
Deputy House Standard Twin Room 31.00 USDBook

Bihai Hotel, Zhuhai Wireless Internet
Bihai Hotel, Zhuhai Bihai Hotel is located in City Zone, and is 0, 4 Km away to Center, 49 Km away to Airport, 2 Km away to Exhibition center, 0, 1 Km away to Sea Port. - The Bihai Hotel Zhuhai (Bihai jiudian), a hotel of three star facilities, is located in the very heart of town. It is just a 5 minutes drive to the Jiuzhou port and 42km from the airport.
Big Bed Room 27.00 USDBook

Tourist Hotel, Zhuhai
Tourist Hotel, Zhuhai Distance from the airport:46Km, from the railway: 25.0 Km, from the city center:0 km; Surrounding Landscape: Haibin Park, Duty free shop, Zhuhai emporium, Shijingshan Park, Jiuzhou Port, Jiuzhou City - It's a three star hotel located in the city center, on the north of Haibin Road. The hotel there are 119 guestrooms and suites and all are well equipped and decorated. There are two restaurants which provide authentic Chinese cuisine and Western food.
Deluxe Twin Room 31.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Golden Coast Hotel Wireless Internet
Zhuhai Golden Coast Hotel Distance from the airport: 32km Distance from the city center: 30km - Zhuhai Golden Coast Hotel is a premier business and tour hotel. Built in accordance with the 3-star standard, it is ideally located along the Huangyang River. Nearby the general transfer center, the quay of Doumen Harbor, Doumen pub town, etc, it boasts an excellent location and convenient transportation.
Standard Big Bed Room 37.00 USDBook

Leisure Hotel, Zhuhai
Leisure Hotel, Zhuhai Shopping centre: -0.4 km from Zhuhai department store -0.35 km from Yangming Square -2.5km from tax-exempt market scenic spots: - 1.5km from Wild Beaver Island -2.1km from Haibin Park -2.1km from Shijingshan Park Business centre: -0.2km from Wanchaisha Computer Mall Exhibition -2.4km from Zhuhai Museum Landmark: -0.8km from Zhuhai Government -0.8km from Zhuhai Theatre -2.5km from Zhuhai Fishing Daughter - Leisure Hotel,invested by Timerider Resorts Management Co.,Ltd., refreshes your experience by unique and nice service. Hotel has conference rooms equipped with advanced modern audio-visual equipment, including professional audio-visual equipment, broadband and wireless Internet services to bring you professional quality conference services.
Deluxe Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel
Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel The Zhuhai Holiday Resort is 46.3kms to the Zhuhai Airport, 60 Nautical Miles to Hong Kong, 10kms to Macau, 1kms to the Jiuzhou Port and 7kms to the New Yuan Ming Palace. Please take bus No.4 from the city center to the hotel. - The hotel is near the Jiuzhou Port and offers free shuttle-bus service between port and hotel. It is located on a peninsula, and offers an excellent view from each room.
Suite 78.00 USDBook

Guo Tai Hotel, Zhuhai
Guo Tai Hotel, Zhuhai 3 minutes' walking to Macao, driving to the Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal only takes you 8 minutes, and distance from Zhuhai Airport only 40 minutes' driving. - Zhuhai Guo Tai hotel is a new luxury four-star business and resort hotels invested by Zhuhai Guotai Hotel Co., Ltd. It has strategic location, convenient transportation.
Superior Deluxe Big Bed Room 87.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Yindo Hotel
Zhuhai Yindo Hotel Distance from city center: 4km, distance from airport : 40km Surrounding landscape : Yuanming new park, ZhuhaiYunv - As the only five-star business hotel in town. The hotel is next the bustling new city bordering Macau and the expanding Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai.
Standard Room 59.00 USDBook

Zhuhai Holiday Inn Hotel
Zhuhai Holiday Inn Hotel To Zhuhai Airport: 45 mins by taxi To Guangzhou International Airport: 200 km To Macau customs: 10 mins drive - Holiday Inn Zhuhai is a 30-storey modern complex situated in the prestigious Jida Commercial and banking district of Zhuhai. Only 5 minutes drive from Macau Border.
Superior Room 119.00 USDBook

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