China surpassed Spain and is now third tourist destination in the world. But the experts forecast
a new boom of tourism in the next three years. The China tourists will be over 100 million within 2015

China is the third country most visited in the world
Tourism is becoming increasingly important in the Chinese economy and the developments planned for the coming years will make it a fundamental pillar for the Chinese economy. In recent years, despite the financial crisis has hit tourism in many other countries, tourism in China has firmly held its position and has recorded a substantial increase in 2010, the year in which the tourism in the country, reaching 55.66 million international arrivals, surpassing Spain and placed China at third position absolute among the most visited destinations in the world. The first two places of tourism are also occupied by France (78.95 million arrivals) and by the United States (60.88 million arrivals). The increase of China tourism has led to tourism revenue for RMB1.57 trillion, up 21.7% year on year. The foreign exchange income was 45.8 billion U.S. dollars, the world's fourth largest relating to 2010 year. The number of domestic tourist visits amount to 1.61 billion, with a total revenue of 777.1 billion yuan.

The real boom in China tourism will be in the next three years
But the real boom in Chinese tourism is what is yet to come. Widely expected from leading international experts, with a slight delay due to the international economic crisis, the large increase in inbound tourism there will be in China in the next 3 years to bring in China, in 2015, more than 100 million foreign tourists. According to the WTO experts, in 2020 China will be the most visited nation in the world and will occupy the fourth place as the number of outbound travelers. In terms of total outbound travel spending, China is currently ranked fifth and is expected to be the fastest growing in the world to 2015, getting into the number slot for total travel spending by 2015.

Enhancement of the transport system
In order to achieve these results, the masses of tourist arrivals must be supported by adequate infrastructure and an efficient organization. China is working in this direction from many years, by expanding the expressway network, by restoring and reorganizing the railway net (now the high speed is available in all major cities of China) and by increasing the number of airports and airline companies. Actually, the transport system in China is allowing the movement of massive amounts of people; when all projects are completed will allow easy travel to the incredible amounts of persons, tourists and citizens, enabling tourist increase not to be hampered by logistical limitations.

Hotels and Travel agents
The hotel construction is proceeding briskly. In addition to thousands of new hotels built by national companies, also all the major international hotel chains are investing in China. The new hotels that are springing up in China are usually made up of large buildings containing from 200 to 600 rooms and beyond. The level and quantity of services offered are the same size (and often better) than international standards. The hotel staff is subjected to intense training, and a growing number of people speak English. Even travel agents (another major player in tourism) are much increased, and often work in close collaboration with foreign agencies. Currently in China there are over 10,000 Chinese-owned agencies and about 1300 foreign agencies. Also the outbound tourism is growing fast. The experts are already noting that the Chinese tourists are among the biggest spenders when they travel overseas. This makes them a very desired market. In the Mainland China actually it is possible to take organized tours to over 100 countries that have "Approved Destination Status". By 2020 China will produce 100 million outbound trips (directed to every country of the globe), becoming the largest producer of tourists in the world.

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