Shaoxing hotels: our hotels located in Shaoxing are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in Shaoxing, and they have the lowest rates in Shaoxing. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the Shaoxing city, they guarantee the best accommodation in Shaoxing.

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Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing
Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing 5-minutes by taxi to center 30-minutes by taxi to Airport 10-minutes by taxi to Railway - It locates in the core region of China Keqiao Light & Textile modern market (CBD). The hotel' s one hour' s drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, with Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway exit, 104 National Road, Jianhu Lake and Keyan Scenic Spot in close proximity
Superior Twin Room 54.00 USDBook

Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing
Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing The Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing is situated approximately 1-kilometer from the city center, 5-kilometers from the railway station, and 40-kilometers from the Airport. - The hotel is located approximately 1km from the city center of Shaoxing, a historical city with a rich cultural heritage.Each of the hotel's 238 guestrooms and suites has been tastefully decorated and equipped for comfort and convenience.
Superior Big Bed Room 71.00 USDBook

Shaoxing International Hotel
Shaoxing International Hotel The Shaoxing International Hotel (Shaoxing guoji dajiudian) is located west of Shaoxing, about 8-minutes by car from the railway station and 50-minutes to the Airport. - It is only 8 minutes drive from the railway station and is about 50 minutes to the airport.
Standard Twin Room 61.00 USDBook

Yu De Shui Hotel ,Shaoxing Wireless Internet
Yu De Shui Hotel ,Shaoxing Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, there are regular bus to reach Keqiao every day; 15 km from Shaoxing Railway Station; 15 km from Shaoxing City square; 2 km from Ke Yan, Jian Lake Scenic Area (AAAAA); Shaoxing City can take No.5 bus directly to the hotel. - Yu De Shui Hotel ,Shaoxing located in Dongsheng Road, Keqiao China Textile City, Shaoxing which is Jiangnan Waterside, Business gathered. North near Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, South to No.104 State Road, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Millennium GuXian Road; 2 km from Ke Yan, Jian Lake Scenic Area (AAAAA); tourist traffic is very convenient.
Standard Twin Room 42.00 USDBook

Jishan Hotel Shaoxing
Jishan Hotel Shaoxing City center 1 km, 10km to Railway Station - Jinshan Hotel is located in the commercial district of downtown of Shaoxing. The hotel has 150 guest rooms with high and middle class.It have a dining hall with a large capacity of more than 600 persons. Business and conference services.
Twin Room B 29.00 USDBook

Shaoxing Kaiyue Hotel - Shaoxing
Shaoxing Kaiyue Hotel - Shaoxing Distance from city center: 8km Distance from railway station: 7km Distance from airport: 30km Distance from Keyan Scenery area: 30km - Shaoxing Kaiyue Hotel is located in Paojiang which is the largest economy development zone of Shaoxing.With 22 floors and a total building area of approximately 50, 000 square meters, it is the first top hotel constructed according to five-star standard in Paojiang.
Standard Single Room 45.00 USDBook

New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing
New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing 45km (60-min-drive) to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, 3km (10-min-drive) to Shaoxing Railway Station, 5km (15-min-drive) to coach station, 3km (10-min-drive) to downtown. - New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing is located at the economic development zone of historical city - Shaoxing, adjacent to the ShaoXing's Didang new town, only 3 kilometers apart from the business center of Shaoxing.
Superior Twin Room 74.00 USDBook

Shaoxing Yintai Hotel
Shaoxing Yintai Hotel - 0.5km to city center; - 4km to Shaoxing Railway Station; - 35km to Xiaoshan Airport; - 25-min-drive to Keyan Scenic Area. - Renovated in 2007, the Yintai Hotel (Yintai Dajiudian) is located in downtown Shaoxing and next to the Jiefang Road commercial center.
Single Room A 47.00 USDBook

Shaoxing Big Hotel
Shaoxing  Big Hotel Shaoxing Railway Station 1.5 km Chengshi Square 0.5 km Former Residence of Luxun 1 km Xianheng Hotel 1 km Trust-Mart (South Jiefang Road) 0.2 km - Shaoxing Hotel is a 3-star standard hotel located on flourishing Jiefang Road, with book store, former residenc of Luxu, theatre, shop, and hospital nearby.
Standard Room B 34.00 USDBook

Ssaw Hotel - City Shaoxing Wireless Internet
Ssaw Hotel - City Shaoxing To Shaoxing railway station: 10 Km To downtown: 12 Km - The Ssaw-Hotel (Shaoxing Shimao Junting Dushi Jiudian) is a business hotel located on Shaoxing's Dongsheng Road. This 20-story Shaoxing hotel has various rooms on levels five through 19. For dining options, there is a Chinese restaurant on the third and fourth floors and a hanging pub on the 20th floor.
Standard Twin Room 57.00 USDBook

Shaoxing Haigang Hotel
Shaoxing Haigang Hotel Downtown:1KM; The Railway Station:5KM; - Haigang Hotel is located in downtown, facing flourishing commercial street and close to a park.
Preferential Room 47.00 USDBook

Yonghe Resort Hotel, Shaoxing
Yonghe Resort Hotel, Shaoxing The Downtown:7KM; The Railway Station:7KM; - Yonghe Resort Hotel is a garden style hotel featuring state-of-art conference center, multifuntion halls, suitable for large scale meetings, reports and business talks.
Garden-view Standard Room 54.00 USDBook

Jinchang Hotel - Shaoxing
Jinchang Hotel - Shaoxing -
Single Room No Breakfast24.00 USDBook

Shaoxing Jia Run Hotel
Shaoxing Jia Run Hotel - The Jiarun Hotel (Jiarun Dajiudian) is a 30-minute drive from downtown and Shaoxing Railway Station. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is 27 km (17 mi) away.
Standard Single room 45.00 USDBook

Sheng states Paul InterContinental Hotels Wireless Internet
Sheng states Paul InterContinental Hotels Downtown Shengzhou Municipal Government 7.3 km Airport Xiaoshan Airport 100 km - The Paul Intercontinental Hotel (Baoluo Zhouji Jiudian) is a luxurious business hotel located in the core area of Shengzhou. It is within proximity to a shopping mall, and guests will find many dining, shopping and recreational facilities nearby.
Superior Twin Room 108.00 USDBook

Qinwang Hotel - Shaoxing
Qinwang Hotel - Shaoxing Downtown Chengshi Square 0.5 km CBD/Brand-Name Dining Outlet Trust-Mart (South Jiefang Road) 0.5 km Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Former Residence of Luxun 1.5 km Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 4.83 km Government Office/School/Hospital Shaoxing Municipal Government 2.5 km Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Shen Garden 1.5 km CBD/Brand-Name Dining Outlet Xianheng Hotel 1.5 km - Situated in the historic and cultural city of Shaoxing, the Qinwang Hotel (Qinwang Dajiudian) lies within easy reach of several local attractions.
Business Standard Room 45.00 USDBook

Shaoxing St. boutique business hotel (formerly the Super 8 Hotel)
Shaoxing St. boutique business hotel (formerly the Super 8 Hotel) Downtown Chengshi Square 1 km Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Keyan Scenic Area 3 km Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Former Residence of Luxun 1.5 km Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 2 km Airport Xiaoshan International Airport 30 km -
Big Bed Room 31.00 USDBook

Margaret Hotel
Margaret Hotel from the city center: 1 KM; from the railway station: 0.2 KM; from the airport: 30 KM, Margarita Hotel is located in Shaoxing International Commercial Center, the west side of Margaret Place, which is the first full -style apartment hotel in Shaoxing, sought to creat a new hotel brand.
Not available

Dragon Flying Hotel, Shaoxing
Dragon Flying Hotel, Shaoxing To the downtown: 0km To the railway station: 3 km To the airport: 40 km To the exhibition center: 2 km To the coach bus station: 4 km, Dragon Flying Hotel, Shaoxing locates on the flourishing business street of the city center. It is close to the Luxun' s old house scenery with only 1 km from the railway station of Shaoxing and 40 minutes from the Xiaoshan International airport of Hangzhou.
Not available

Dynasty Hotel, Shaoxing
Dynasty Hotel, Shaoxing About 8kms from the railway station. 40kms to the airport., Dynasty Hotel is located at the flourishing area of the city center.Nearby the city square, the hotel boasts an excellent location.It has a shuttle bus to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport, which brings convenience to the business and travel guests.
Not available

Shaoxing Warm Port Hotel
Shaoxing Warm Port Hotel To Railway Station: 5km To City Center: 2km, Warm Port Hotel locates at Shaoxing and is adjacent to the Kuaiji Mountain. It is a new business and travel hotel including the guest room, restaurant, conference and business together.
Not available

Holiday Star Shaoxing Hotel
Holiday Star Shaoxing Hotel Distance from city center: 0.5km, distance from railway station: 1km,, Holiday Star Shaoxing Hotel is an economic market hotel, attached to Zhejiang Holiday Star (chain) hotels. The hotel is located in downtown, located in flourishing business street, Jiefangbei North Road , adjacent to City Hall, the former residence of Lu Xun and Zhou Enlai, close to the town plaza, Cai Yuanpei plaza. It is very convenient for you to go shopping and go around. It is an ideal choice for business men and tourists.
Not available

Shaoxing Southwind Hotel
Shaoxing Southwind Hotel Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 4.08 km Airport Xiaoshan International Airport 30 km, Located on South Jiefang Road in central city, the Nanfeng Hotel (Nanfeng Dajiudian) is only 4.5 km from the Shaoxing Railway Station. A short walk from the hotel sees guests to a bus station where there are many bus lines.
Not available

Prince Banquet Hotel - Shaoxing
Prince Banquet Hotel - Shaoxing Downtown Chengshi Square 14.61 km Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 14.17 km Airport Xiaoshan International Airport 30 km, The Prince Banquet Hotel (Wangzi Yanhui Dajiudian) is located within easy reach of many shopping and entertainment areas.
Not available

Shaoxing Hongyun Hotel Keqiao
Shaoxing Hongyun Hotel Keqiao Downtown Chengshi Square 15.08 km Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 14.63 km Airport Xiaoshan International Airport 30 km, The Hongyun Hotel (Hongyun Binguan) is located beside a Wal-Mart on Diyang Road in the bustling business district.
Not available

Jiacheng Hotel - Shaoxing
Jiacheng Hotel - Shaoxing Downtown Chengshi Square 2.33 km Railway Station Shaoxing Railway Station 3.3 km Bus Station/Dock/Port Shaoxing Central Bus Station 5.64 km, The Jiacheng Hotel (Jiacheng Dajiudian) is located close to the downtown area's west gate, just 4 kilometers from the railway station and 6 kilometers from the bus station.
Not available

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