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If you enjoy four days off and would like to travel, here is my suggestion: You could go to PingYao in the centre of Shanxi Province. From Beijing, take train 605 at 23:23 and you will be there at 10:30 the next morning. Even if the little city has not yet become a major tourist stop, accommodation is easy to find and the prices are reasonable. You can have a very good meal for a surprisingly low cost. "PingYao Niu rou" (beef) and all kinds of "pasta" dishes with funny names like "kao laolao" awake you imagination and fill your stomach. PingYao, a Ming dynasty city, is still well preserved. It has been designated by the United Nations as a treasure of the world. It's a pleasure to walk in the streets and chat with the people sitting outside doing some artwork like paper cutting or embroidery. If you happen to stop somewhere to examine the architecture, they warmly invite you to visit their large houses with huge courtyards full of trees and flowers, hot peppers hanging to dry. The Guo family, people of high knowledge in Chinese medicine, painting, calligraphy and poetry, philosophy, etc., has been making a local "huang jiu" or yellow alcohol for 8 generations. The secret is now transmitted to the youngest one, a 11-year old boy and a talented calligrapher.

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Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel Wireless Internet
Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel Away from airport: 104km, From Pingyao railway station: 1km, From city center: 0.1km, From Ancient City of Pingyao: 0.5km, From Pingyao County Government: 0.5km, From Shuanglin Temple: 6km, From RiShengDa Money Exchange Shop: 0.1km, From Qiao Family Courtyard: 40km, From Jiexiu mianshan: 35km - Yunjincheng is located in the famous Ming and Qing street in Pingyao. It is combined by eighteen elegant and unique courtyards with over 80 decorated and equipped luxurious suites and standard apartments.
Superior Room 137.00 USDBook

Yide Hotel Pingyao Wireless Internet
Yide Hotel Pingyao It is about twenty minutes walk from the railway station, about ten minutes walk from Nan Dajie, and about eight minutes walk from Ri Shengchang and Yamen. - Yide Hotel is situated in a quiet little blind alley just a few minutes' walk from the main street, Nan Dajie. The guesthouse is a beautifully renovated courtyard house built in 1736 by a wealthy merchant during the reign of Emperor Qianlong.
Standard Room A 100.00 USDBook

Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao Wireless Internet
Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao 45kms to the Qiao Family Courtyard House; 6kms to the Shuanglin Temple; 35kms to the Zhangbi Castle; 60kms to the Wang Family Courtyard House; - Any trip to Pingyao should include a visit to the Ri Shengchang Financial House Museum and a stay at the Tian Yuan Kui Guesthouse. The Tian Yuan Kui Guesthouse, which is in the heart of the old city, was built in 1791.
Mingqing Big bed B 53.00 USDBook

Hongshanyi Old Hotel, Pingyao
Hongshanyi Old Hotel, Pingyao 2km to Pingyao railway station, 2km from the entrance of Dayun expressway, and 2 minutes' drive to the main scenic spots in Pingyao - The hotel is situated nearby the South gate of the ancient city. Covering an area of more than 10mu, it is regarded as an advanced foreign-related tour hotel which combines dining, accommodation, sightseeing, health care, Operatic Art, and business, conference together. It is well equipped and is the best folk hotel in the nearby area. The hotel architecture, imitate the ancient structure, adopted central air conditioner to keep the temperature indoor.
Courtyard Twin Room 93.00 USDBook

Li Ze Yuan International Hotel
Li Ze Yuan International Hotel Distance airport: 103km, to railway station: 1km, to city center: 0.5km The view around: City wall, Rishengchang, Shuanglin temple, Zhenguo temple, QingMing street. - Li Ze Yuan International Hotel is the first four-star rated modern hotel in PingYao, managed by famous hotel management company of China., The hotel has nearly 200sets of guest rooms, Chinese dinning hall, western food rooms, coffee bar, big banquet hall, multifunctional meeting rooms, and also gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna rooms, chess and poker rooms, KTV, essence accessories, etc.
Standard Room(Twin Bed ) with two breakfast36.00 USDBook

Pingyao Zheng Jia Lodge
Pingyao Zheng Jia Lodge Located at the flourishing street-Yamen Street, the lodge is facing the famous scenic spot Pingyao administrative center. Only several minutes' drive from the railway station and the entrance of expressway, the lodge boasts a very convenient transportation. To downtown: 0km To the railway station: 2.5km To the airport: 104km - The old city of Pingyao is one of the world cultural heritages. As a main consisting part of the ancient architectural complex, Pingyao Lodge has a history of approximately 200 years. Gracefully decorated with brick carvings, wood carvings, stone carvings and color painting, the lodge is a Chinese traditional house that characterized by its rigorous structure and arrangement, and its remarkable symmetry. Located at the flourishing street-Yamen Street, the lodge is facing the famous scenic spot Pingyao administrative center. Only several minutes' drive from the railway station and the entrance of expressway, the lodge boasts a very convenient transportation.
Standard Twin Room 19.00 USDBook

Fengyan Jianguo Hotel Pingyao
Fengyan Jianguo Hotel Pingyao The hotel locates on Fengyan square of Shuguang road on Pingyao near main government and financial institutions To Dayun Expressway Entrance: 0.5km; To State highway No. 108: 3km; To Railway station: 2.6km; To Coach station: 2km; To Main business district: 0.5km; To Pingyao Ancient City: 1km; To Taiyuan airport: 1.3hour by driving. - Fengyan Jianguo Hotel Pingyao is a four-star tourism and convention hotel which is invested and developed by Fengyan Group, designed by architectural college of Tiayuan University of Technology and managed by BTG-Jianguo Group Beijing.
Superior Twin Room 57.00 USDBook

Pingyao Hall Hotel Wireless Internet
Pingyao Hall Hotel -0.5km from Mingqing Street; -90km(60 minutes driving) from airport; -2km(5 minutes driving) from Pingyao railway station. - Located in Huangmiao Street, one of the four famous streets in Ancient city, Pingyao Hall Hotel is a Shangxi merchant themed hotel.
Superior heatable adobe sleeping platform 54.00 USDBook

Jugaungju Hotel, Pingyao
Jugaungju Hotel, Pingyao - 600m to Pingyao Old Town; - 2km to Mingqing Street; - 3km to coach station; - 6km to Shuanglin Temple; - 92km to Taiyuan Airport. - With 200 meters to the west gate of the old town, Ju Guang Ju Hotel is your first choice for busness, tourism, leisure and banquet. The hotel offers 138 rooms, a banquet hall holding 900 persons, a multifunction hall holding 450 persons and various recreation facilities.
Standard Room 27.00 USDBook

Pingyao Yu Feng Heng Hotel
Pingyao Yu Feng Heng Hotel To downtown: 0km To airport: 80km To railway station: 0.2km, Yu Feng Heng Hotel is located in Pingyao old town's most prosperous section--Chenghuangmiao Street, next to Ming Qing Street, Jinjing tower, Wen Temple, Chenghuangmiao, and old county government.
Not available

Deshenglou Hotel, Pingyao
Deshenglou Hotel, Pingyao Distance from railway station: 2.5 km, distance from airport: 104 km., "De Sheng Lou" is located to world culture inheritance - Pingyao old city Ming and Qing Dynasties street 84, Starts to construct is in the Qing Qian Long year, The courtyard has the Ming and Qing Dynasties dynasty construction.
Not available

Pingyao Free Heart Hotel
Pingyao Free Heart Hotel 0.5 km from downtown, 2 minutes driving, 2.7 km from the Railway Station and 5 minutes driving, 104 km from the airport and 120 minutes driving. Famous sites include: Xi Men (West Gate), Xian Ya (County Office), Rishengchang., Pingyao Catholic Guest House is located in No.167 Nan Da Jie Street, only 50 meters away from the south gate, with convenient transportation. Guest House provide you with the middle grades, reasonably priced meals, lodging,travel and entertainment services. Opened in July, 2006, Guest House has successfully received numerous domestic & foreign tourists, and gained their praise.
Not available

Zhong Du Hotel Pingyao
Zhong Du Hotel Pingyao About 104 km to the airport. About 0.05 km to the railway station. Only 1.9 km to the city center., The hotel has favorable geographical position and good transport facilities.About 90 km to the airport. About 0.1 km to the railway station. Only 1 km to the city center.
Not available

Pingyao Xinglongyi Hotel
Pingyao Xinglongyi Hotel , The Xinglongyi Inn (Xinglongyi Kezhan) is a classic courtyard inn situated on West Avenue of Pingyao Old City.
Not available

Pingyao yamen Hostel
Pingyao yamen Hostel Railway Station Pingyao Railway Station 1.5 km Railway Station Taiyuan Railway Station 90 km Airport Taiyuan Wusu Airport 100 km, The Yamen Hostel (Yamen Guanshe) is located in Pingyao old city and about a seven-minute drive from Pingyao Railway Station.
Not available

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