Huangshan hotels: our hotels located in Huangshan are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in Huangshan, and they have the lowest rates in Huangshan. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the Huangshan city, they guarantee the best accommodation in Huangshan.

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Huangshan Golf Hotel
Huangshan Golf Hotel Distance from city center: 4km Distance railway station: 5km Distance airport: 1km - The Hotel is a brand new 5-star hotel, 2 km east to Huangshan airport.
Superior Twin Room included 2 Breakfast90.00 USDBook

Qishu Fairyland Zhongkun lnternational Hotel,Huangshan
Qishu Fairyland Zhongkun lnternational Hotel,Huangshan 65 km away from downtown area; 35km from Huangzhan Tourist Area; 1 hour's driving from Huangshan Railway Station and Huangshan Tunxi Airport. - Located near Qishu Lake and Hongcun, the Qishu Fairyland Zhongkun lnternational Hotel (Huangshan Qishu Xianjing Zhongkun Guoji Dajiudian) is 65 km away from downtown area. Huangshan Railway Station and Huangshan Tunxi Airport are accessible within one hour by car.
Twin Room included 2 Breakfast72.00 USDBook

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Huangshan Wireless Internet
Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Huangshan Country garden phoenix hotel ,huanshan is located in the economic development center which is the new economy and culture district in huangshan city ,it takes just 10munites from the hotel to the center of huangshan old section ,our hotel is adjacent to entrance of the huihan and heton huang expressway ,and no time to the hefu,huanghan and wan han expressway .20munites to huangshan airport ,the transportation here is extremely convenient . Country garden phoenix hotel ,huangshan is located about 15munites to huangshan railway station , 20munites to huangshan airport ,8munites to huanshan station . - Country garden phoenix hotel ,huangshan ---Reflect return to natural life Surrounded by the green mountains and beautiful scenery ,country garden phoenix hotel ,huangshan is the first five star vocational and exhibition hotel of continental .The hotel has the area of 67.000sqm of the deluxe and elegant continental building style ,which will provide you with unique mysterious refined of Western classical culture.
Mahjong Room 66.00 USDBook

Huangshan Beihai Hotel
Huangshan Beihai Hotel - This is the best hotel for those who wish to catch the sunset or sunrise under or over the almost constant sea of clouds for which Huangshan is famous for.
Dawn Chalet Standard Room 86.00 USDBook

Jinling Yixian Hotel ,Huangshan
Jinling Yixian Hotel ,Huangshan 60km from Huangshan Tunxi Airport, 54km from Huangshan Railway Station, 56km from Tunxi Old Street. - Jinling Yixian Hotel Anhui lies at the foot of historic Yellow Mountain. To best experience World Cultural Heritages Xidi Village, Hong Village and Yellow Mountain. From Jinling Yixian Hotel Anhui, it only takes 8 minutes by car to arrive at Xidi and Hong Villages while taking 35 minutes to reach Yellow Mountain.
Standard Big Bed Room 38.00 USDBook

Higood Holiday Inn - Huangshan
Higood Holiday Inn - Huangshan Railway Station Huangshan Railway Station 1 km Airport Huangshan Tunxi Airport 5 km Downtown Tunxi Old Street 2.37 km - The Higood Hotel (Hangao Liansuo Jiudian Huangshan Kuaijie Dian) is located in downtown Huangshan.
Special Room 15.00 USDBook

Huangshan Fu Lai Blue Mountains Hotel
Huangshan Fu Lai Blue Mountains Hotel Railway Station Huangshan Railway Station 2 km Airport Huangshan Tunxi Airport 15 km Downtown Tunxi Old Street 3 km Bus Station/Dock/Port Tunxi Bus Station 7 km - Right in the heart of downtown beside the beautiful Xin'an River, and near the Huangshan Railway Station, the Huangshan Dragon Win Hotel (Huangshan Fuli Lanshan Jiudian) is 15 km (9.3 mi) from Huangshan Tunxi Airport.
Preferential Twin Room included 2 Breakfast45.00 USDBook

Hua Shang Villa
Hua Shang Villa Only 10kms to the Huangshan Airport, Huangshan Railway Station and Huangshan Bus Station; 53kms to the Huangshan Beauty spot;, Hua Shang Villa is situated at Huangshan International Tourism Resort, a junction of Huizhou-Hangzhou high speed and Hefei-Tongling high speed, which is main drag of golden tour route, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Thousand Islands Lake, and Huangshan. It's only 10kms from Huangshan Airport, Huangshan Railway Station and Huangshan Bus Station, 53kms from Huangshan Beauty Spot, and 50kms from Xidi, Hongcun.
Not available

Hongta Hotel, Huangshan
Hongta Hotel, Huangshan The hotel is located only 15kms from the airport, 5kms from the railway station, and 10kms from the long distance bus station., Hongta Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at the Huangkou Tourism Holiday Resort. Backing against the mountain and lies along the river, the hotel has a picturesque environment and is the best place for tour, doing business, and relax.
Not available

Huangshan Tianyu Villa Hotel
Huangshan Tianyu Villa Hotel Locating in the prosperous commercial area, close to Huangshan Railway station. 15minutes to Huangshan Airport, Huangshan Tianyu Villa Hotel is a synthesis hotel with complete facility and elegant decoration as well as unique style. It is located in the prosperous area, and it is close to the Huangshan Railway station. Only 15 minutes to Huangshan airport.
Not available

Huangshan Tunxi Inn Wireless Internet
Huangshan Tunxi Inn Distance from Bus Station and Raliway Station: 2km; Distance from Airport: 5km., Huangshan Tunxi Inn is located in is called "moveable Qingming Shanghe Painting" (with Song, Ming and Qing era architectural style pedestrian malls) --- Tunxi Street West entrance. Invested and built by Hong Kong Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., inn rooms has novel designed, equipped with elegant Anhui type Ming and Qing modeled after an antique furniture.
Not available

Xidi Travel Lodge Wireless Internet
Xidi Travel Lodge 50 kilometers from Huangshan City Center; 20 kilometers from the Huangshan Scenic Area, Xidi Travel Lodge is located on the foot of the beautiful Huangshan Mountain, Xidi which is the world cultural heritage. The hotel would introduce the original history through the living heritages.
Not available

East Holiday Hotel,Huangshan
East Holiday Hotel,Huangshan Less than 3kms to the Airport, Railway Station and Bus Station, The hotel is located at Huangshan Municipal Government – Tunxi downtown, the famous "Old Street" across the road, which is a good location for leisure, shopping and sightseeing. And it' s only less than 3 kilometers to the airport, railway station and bus station, very convenient.
Not available

Huangshan Old Street Hotel
Huangshan Old Street Hotel Distance from Tunxi old street: 0km, distance from railway station: 3km, distance from Tunxi airport: 5km,, The old street-hotel is located in the site of municipal government of Huang Shan-Tunxi, face to the Xinan river, stands with HuaShan behind, located in the commercial port in millennium -the entrance of the old street of Tunxi.
Not available

Huang Shan Tang Kou Hotel
Huang Shan Tang Kou Hotel 70kms to Huangshan Airport; 68kms to train station;, China B & B Hotel Group is proud to present Huangshan Tangkou Hotel, the first designer boutique leisure hotel in the city of Huangshan. Designed by famed architects from Hong Kong, HTH is situated at the foot of the majestic Huangshan at the town of Tangkou. Being at the interchange junction of the major highways, Tangkou town is only 10 minutes by car away from the cable car station and 1km from the entrance to Huangshan's South Gate.
Not available

Parrion Hotel - Huangshan
Parrion Hotel - Huangshan 4km from Railway Station Huangshan Railway Station, it costs about 8 minutes and 10RMB by taxi; 6km from Airport Huangshan Tunxi Airport, it costs about 15 minutes and 20RMB by taxi; 5km from Huangshan Bus Station, it costs about 9 minutes and 12RMB by taxi., Built with traditional elements from Anhui's Huizhou architecture, the Parrion Hotel (Yuanyi Borui Jiudian) in Huang Shan is only a 10-minute drive from Huang shan Railway Station and a 20-minute drive from Huang Shan Tunxi Airport in normal traffic conditions. Historical pedestrian street Tunxi Old Street (Tunxi Lao Jie) is just a short drive away.
Not available

Haizhou International Grand Hotel, Huangshan
Haizhou International Grand Hotel, Huangshan Distance from the exit of Hetonghuang Expressway: 200m Adjacent to the 205 national highway Distance from the municipal government Tunxi: 60km, Haizhou International Grand Hotel, founded in 2006, is located at the Huangshan Mountain scenery area, facing the transportation center. It covering an area of 13493 square meters, it was built in accordance with the national 4-star standard. The hotel architecture merges the Anhui style with the folk one, often leaves the guests a deep impression.
Not available

Huangshan Baiyun Hotel
Huangshan Baiyun Hotel 300metres of Guangmingding, Tianhai Scenic Area of Huangshan Tourist Resort., Baiyun Hotel is situated at the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huangshan Tourist Resort, about 300 meters to Guangming Peak. It is also has easy access to Xihai Valley, the new spot of Huangshan.
Not available

Huangshan Nuoyafangzhou Hotel
Huangshan Nuoyafangzhou Hotel Distance to airport: 3km Distance to railway station: 0.5km Distance to Huangshan Scenic Area: 60km, Huangshan Noah's Ark Hotel is located in Huangshan Tunxi District, close to the railway station, the airport, and Huangshan Scenic Area.
Not available

Huangshan Shexian Town Farm Hotel
Huangshan Shexian Town Farm Hotel Railway Station Tunxi Railway Station 50.24 km, The Shexian Town Farm Hotel is located within walking distance to Shendu Port with easy access to Qiandao Lake. It is 58 kilometers from Huangshan Airport. Opened in 2009, the hotel features 18 rooms and suites.
Not available

Xiang Ming Holiday Hotel - Huangshan
Xiang Ming Holiday Hotel - Huangshan Railway Station Huangshan Railway Station 3.66 km Airport Huangshan Tunxi Airport 3 km Downtown Tunxi Old Street 3.52 km Bus Station/Dock/Port Tunxi Bus Station 4 km, The Xiang Ming Holiday Hotel (Huangshan Xiangming Jiari Jiudian) is a holiday hotel located on Xihai Road in downtown Huangshan within easy reach of the airport, train station, and terminal bus station.
Not available

Horizon Hotel - Huangshan
Horizon Hotel - Huangshan Railway Station Huangshan Railway Station 84.1 km Airport Huangshan Tunxi Airport 87.03 km Downtown Tunxi Old Street 83.35 km,
Not available

Country Inn, Huangshan
Country Inn, Huangshan ,
Not available

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