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Harbin, the magic of ice statues
Harbin, the capital of Heilongjang province, is located in Manchuria, in north-eastern China. Has a population of about 10 million people, that's why it is considered as one of the most populated in the north of China. Situated on the banks of the Songhua Jiang River, a tributary of the Amur, Harbin was founded by the Russians in 1898. Harbin is famous throughout China for a very cold weather. The winter in Harbin is hard, with an average temperature in January to around -20C and lows well below -40C. The summer instead is short, mild and rainy. In spite of everything, Harbin is really a beautiful city. It is nice to walk and shop along the boulevards, the streets are full of bars and cafes, and at many restaurants you can taste excellent dishes of meat. The top attraction of Harbin is the ice and snow. If you want to enjoy the benefits of nature and great wisdom, please come to the Ice Lantern Festival held between January and late February each year. The other attractions are: the Central Street ( Zhongyang Daejie), called also the "Eastern Moscow", the most exotic spot in Harbin; Harbin Ice and Snow World, is undoubtedly the largest exposure of art of ice and snow all over the world. The ice sculptures in The Harbin Ice and Snow World is regarded as some of the finest examples of art in the world ice, here the visitor can enjoy some of the largest and most majestic works of sculpted ice.

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The Manhattan Hotel, Harbin
The Manhattan Hotel, Harbin .The hotel is located near the Central Avenue pedestrian street, next to St. Sophia Church, within walking distance to Mackay shopping center. - 35 km from Harbin Taiping Airport, about 45 minutes by taxi; - 2.5 km from Harbin Railway Station, about 5-10 minutes by taxi. - 3 km from Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, about 10 minutes by taxi; - 4 km from Renhe Street, about 10-15 minutes by taxi. - Open in October, 2011, The Manhattan Hotel is located near the Central Avenue pedestrian street, next to St. Sophia Church, within walking distance to Mackay shopping center. It is 36km from Harbin Taiping Airport and 2.5 km from Harbin Railway Station.
Deluxe Standard Room no breakfast230.00 USDBook

Harbin Bremen Inn-Central Street Branch
Harbin Bremen Inn-Central Street Branch to airport:30km, to railway station:1km, to city center:0km surrounding landscape:Sofia church, Songhua river, Pro-water memory tower, Central street, Zhaolin park - The hotel have comfortable guest rooms (total 77 rooms). And all rooms were desiged with art of European.Profession derives from the trained employee's troops.we will create Comfort on you travel . The innovation of the guest room keeps the favorable price .10 style entirely different topic room type, letting you wander about unhurriedly in a fit of hall of hotel, loiter in the oneself's adoring private room.
Consort Room 43.00 USDBook

Harbin International Hotel Wireless Internet
Harbin International Hotel Away From downtown:0.1km Away From railway station: 1km Away from the airport:30km Away from the International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition: 20 minutes by car Away from Sun Island: 20minutes by car Away from Zhao Lin Park: 10mintues by car - Harbin International Hotel founded in 1937 was designed by a famous designer from Russia. It was on the list of international hotels in 1978 and was regarded as the first class protection building in Harbin. Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Enlai, other state leaders and all celebrities both at home and abroad have ever stayed there.
Business Standard Room 64.00 USDBook

Harbin Bremen Holiday Hotel
Harbin Bremen Holiday Hotel It is about 10-minutes walking to the hosting spot of Harbin's Ice and Snow Festival-Zhao Lin Park, and to the appealing Song Hua River and Anti-food Monument. Only 5-minutes and 40-minutes respectively, to reach the railway station and the Airport. - Haerbin Bremen Holiday Hotel ( Jing Wei Hotel) is situated next to the famous pedestrian mall (Central Street) and the St. Sophia Church. It is 10-minutes walking to the hosting spot of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival-Zhao Lin Park, and to the appealing Song Hua River and Anti-food Monument. In addition

Heilongjiang Kunlun Hotel
Heilongjiang Kunlun Hotel Kunlun Hotel is located 35kms to the airport. 0.5km to the railway station. 198kms to Yabuli Ski Resort. 5kms to Zhaolin Park. - The Kunlun Hotel is located in the city center and just 0.5km to the railway station.
Executive Standard Room with two breakfast53.00 USDBook

Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin
Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin The Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin is located 40 kilometers from the airport and 10 kilometers from the railway station. - Located downtown by the scenic Songhua River overlooking the Central Business District.
Deluxe River-view Twin Room 216.00 USDBook

Heilongjiang Jingu Hotel
Heilongjiang Jingu Hotel 40km to airport, 5km to railway station; Surrounding landscape: Central Street, Songhua Riverside, Fanghong Cenotaph, Zhaolin Park - The Harbin Jingu hotel is an international 4-star luxury business hotel, combines with Food & Beverage, Guestrooms, Amusement, and Shopping together. It is situated on Zhong Yang Avenue, next to the Song Hua River.
Standard Room 126.00 USDBook

Gfour Holiday Hotel, Harbin
Gfour Holiday Hotel, Harbin To the airport: 35km To Hongbo Square: 0.5km To Ha'er'bin railway station: 2.5km To Zhongyang Street:0.5km - Gfour Holiday Hotel (Jifeng Jiari Jiudian) is within walking distance of Zhaolin Park, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Songhuajiang River and Sun Island. This Harbin hotel is 10 minutes drive from Harbin railway station. Harbin Taiping airport is 30 minutes drive away.
Executive Standard Room 96.00 USDBook

Romantic Hotel, Harbin
Romantic Hotel, Harbin Distance from city center: 0km, distance from railway station: 3km, distance from airport: 30km The view around: Zhaolin park, center street, Song Hua River, Sophia church, Prevent flood in the monument . - The Hotel is located in the prosperous business center.
Standard Room 67.00 USDBook

Modern Hotel, Harbin
Modern Hotel, Harbin 35km from Harbin Taiping Airport, it costs about 120RMB and 45 minutes by taxi; Or take airport bus to Zhongshan Road, then cost 17 minutes by taxi to hotel. 3km from Hongbo Square, it costs about 13RMB and 15 minutes by taxi. 2km from Harbin Railway Station, it costs about 10RMB and 10minutes by taxi. - The Modern Hotel Harbin (Ha'erbin Madie'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Zhongyang Street and close to the beautiful Songhua River. This Ha'erbin hotel offers various room types including single, standard rooms and deluxe suites.
Standard Room(big bed) 115.00 USDBook

Bremen Hotel, Harbin
Bremen Hotel, Harbin - Bremen Hotel locates on No.146 Zhongshan Road Xiangfang District Harbin. It is north to the governmental building, east to " East Tower" and in the center of Harbin' s political, economic and culture area. This hotel has 213 rooms with European style as well as flavored dining hall, bar, meeting room and so on. It is a first choice for tourist, vocation and business trip.
Oudian Superior Big Bed Room 80.00 USDBook

Nanyuan Inn-Harbin Guogeli Branch Wireless Internet
Nanyuan Inn-Harbin Guogeli Branch To Railway Station: 3.5km; To Civil Aviation Bus Terminal: 3.5km; To Harbin Bus Ternimal: 7km To Taiping International Airport: 40km - Nanyuan Inn-Harbin Guogeli Branch is located in the business center of the City centre. It is adjacent to the famous Alexei. Hsieh Sergeyev Cathedral, and near to Bar Street in Russia River Garden and Shopping &Business Center, etc.
Standard Big Bed Room 24.00 USDBook

Bremen Inn-Railway Station Branch, Harbin
Bremen Inn-Railway Station Branch, Harbin It is facing the prosperous business center in Nangang District. Near the Railway Station. It is only 2kms away from the bank of Songhua River, Zhaolin Park and the Zhongyang Street. It is about 40-minutes driving to the Airport. - Located near Harbin Railway Station. It is facing the prosperous business center in Nangang District.
Business Standard Room 36.00 USDBook

Harbin Metropark Holiday Inn
Harbin Metropark Holiday Inn 34.1km from the Harbin Taiping International Airport; 4.1km from Harbin Railway Station; 10.9km from the Harbin train station; 4km from Nangang Highway Bus Terminal. - Harbin Metropark Holiday Inn is located in the No.9 Jianhe Street, Daoli District, Harbin, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient. 34.1km from the Harbin Taiping International Airport, 4.1km from Harbin Railway Station, 10.9km from the Harbin train station.
Theme Big Bed Room 43.00 USDBook

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