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Hangzhou and the famous Lake of the West
Hangzhou (known also as 'Heaven on Earth'), is one of the most important cities for tourists in China, the capital city of Zhejiang Province. It has a population of about 8.7 million people. Hangzhou is famous for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritages. It is located at the southern end of Grand Imperial Canal and extends to the east of Xihu or Lake of the West. The climate in Hangzhou is a subtropical monsoon type with 4 very different seasons. However, it is not too hot or cold. The most important attraction of Hanzhou is the West Lake. It is very famous and is visited from many tourists for its charm and cultural landscape, in fact is also listed as a UNESCO Heritage site. The city is also known for 2 major Chinese traditional products, silk and tea. One of the main street of Hangzhou, famous for its shopping environment is the Qing He Fang Street, a lot of tourists goes here. Other famous attractions of Hangzhou, are the Buddha Statue situated in Lingyin Temple, the Six Harmonies Pagoda and the statue of Loyal General Yue Fei.

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3B Inn Henglong - Hangzhou
3B Inn Henglong - Hangzhou Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 13.22 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 4.04 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 20.57 km Downtown Wulin Square 25 km - The 3B Inn (3Bi Jiudian) is located in the center of Hangzhou's Xiaoshan new area, and offers guests convenient access to Xiaoshan People's Square and West Lake, a tourist favorite.
Standard Room 40.00 USDBook

18 the hotel in Hangzhou Xixi
18 the hotel in Hangzhou Xixi Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 16.43 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 42.43 km Downtown Wulin Square 12.4 km - The Xixi Shibajia Hotel (Xixi Shibajia Binguan) is located within proximity to the Xixi Wetland Park.
Simple Big Bed Room 38.00 USDBook

Tianhai Hotel - Hangzhou
Tianhai Hotel - Hangzhou Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 6.62 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 21.37 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 26.01 km Downtown Wulin Square 5.05 km - The Tianhai Hotel (Tianhai Binguan) grants guests easy access to local transportation networks. It is within proximity to a bus station and the east railway station. Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction, the West Lake, is only ten minutes' drive from the hotel.
Preferential Single Room 41.00 USDBook

Yinqiao Hotel - Hangzhou
Yinqiao Hotel - Hangzhou - The Yin Qiao Hotel (Yinqiao Dajiudian) is in the bustling area on East Qingchun Road and within easy reach of downtown Hangzhou.
Standard Single room Prepay37.00 USDBook

Meizhu Resort - Hangzhou
Meizhu Resort - Hangzhou Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 14.93 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 40 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 40.75 km Downtown Wulin Square 12.32 km - The Meizhu Hotel (Hangzhou Meizhu Dujiacun) is situated in the Tea Culture Village of Meijiawu. West Lake and the Qiantang River are to the east, the Temple of Soul's Retreat (Lingyin Si), Northern Peak and the Shang Tianzu Temple are to the north, while the Hangzhou Zhijiang National Tourist and Holiday Resort, Song Dynasty Town, "Cloud stay in Bamboo"(Yunqi Shijin) and the Future World Theme Park are to the south. Finally, the highway circumventing Hangzhou lies to the west.
Standard Room A 54.00 USDBook

Tonglu Jinxin Hotel - Hangzhou
Tonglu Jinxin Hotel - Hangzhou Downtown Yingchun Road 0.1 km - The Jinxin Hotel (Jinxin Binguan) is a three-star tourist hotel in Tonglu city, around 80 km from Hangzhou and next door to Qiandao Lake.
Superior Standard Room Prepay included 2 Breakfast51.00 USDBook

Fubang International Hotel - Hangzhou
Fubang International Hotel - Hangzhou Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 25.29 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 33.6 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 37.75 km Downtown Wulin Square 23.71 km - The Fubang International Hotel (Hangzhou Fubang Guoji Dajiudian) is located on Century Avenue in Yuhang District. Featuring abundant jade carvings and art, this 19-story Hangzhou hotel houses presidential suites, business suites and twin rooms, all include free broadband internet access. Executive floor guests also enjoy fast check-in and check-out services.
Deluxe Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast72.00 USDBook

Xiyuan Hotel - Hangzhou
Xiyuan Hotel - Hangzhou Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 27.86 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 44.34 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 52.73 km Downtown Wulin Square 23.9 km - Located in Yuhang, the Hangzhou Xiyuan Hotel (Hangzhou Yuhang Xiyuan Binguan) enjoys a favorable location fronted by the Grand Canal before an Anle Mountain backdrop. From the hotel, guests can reach downtown Hangzhou and the West Lake scenic area in just 30 minutes.
Deluxe Standard Room 33.00 USDBook

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Zhejiang Brigade Hotel
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Zhejiang Brigade Hotel - The ZTG Grand Hotel Airport Hangzhou (Xiaoshan Guoji Jichang Zhelv Dajiudian) is conveniently located just minutes away from the Xiaoshan International Airport. In fact, guests can glimpse the airplane runways from the upper levels of the hotel.
Superior Big Bed Room included 1 Breakfast91.00 USDBook

The Tonglu Haibo large hotel
The Tonglu Haibo large hotel Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 81 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 106.4 km Downtown Yingchun Road 4.6 km - The Haibo Resort (Haibo Dajiudian) is 4.6 km (2.9 mi) from Yingchun Road in downtown Tonglu. The property also provides convenient access to Dajishan National Forest Park and is surrounded by mountains and picturesque scenery.
Elegant Lake-View Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast138.00 USDBook

Nanyuan e home business hotel chain (Hangzhou Qingchun stores)
Nanyuan e home business hotel chain (Hangzhou Qingchun stores) - The Nanyuan Inn (Hangzhou Qingchun Hotel) is located in Hangzhou's bustling financial and commercial loop. On offer are 121 rooms ranging from standards to deluxe suites equipped with digital TVs, video-on-demand systems, air conditioning, broadband internet access and international direct dial phones. This Hangzhou hotel also offers express delivery and travel services.
Standard Twin Room 36.00 USDBook

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