Haikou hotels: our hotels located in Haikou are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in Haikou, and they have the lowest rates in Haikou. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the Haikou city, they guarantee the best accommodation in Haikou.

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Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort
Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort The hotel locates along the west coast of Haikou City, who is about 10kms away from downtown and only 10 minutes drive to Ball club from Haikou downtown departure, and 35 minutes drive to Club from Meilan airport departure. - All our spacious suites and rooms are 5 star standard giving you a comfortable modern deluxe style home during your stay.
Deluxe Standard 55.00 USDBook

Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel(Formerly Meritus Mandarin Haikou) Wireless Internet
Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel(Formerly Meritus Mandarin Haikou) Hainan, the southern-most island of China, is also a province with Haikou, its capital city. The Hainan Mandarin is located in the city's financial district, close to the harbor and 22 kilometers away from the Airport. The beaches and historical sites are also conveniently nearby. - The hotel has a distinctive bell-shaped architecture providing most of the guestrooms with views of the South China Sea.
Deluxe Room 70.00 USDBook

Huandao Tide Hotel, Haikou Wireless Internet
Huandao Tide Hotel, Haikou 6kms to the city center; 25kms to the airport; 30kms to the railway station; - Located in the city of Haikou, the Hotel is only 10 a minutes drive from the Haikou Airport. The first international 5-star hotel in Hainan Province.The service of the hotel is super
Deluxe Big Bed Room 58.00 USDBook

Jiakai Crown Hotel, Haikou
Jiakai Crown Hotel, Haikou 1 minute' s drive to the light rail; 6 minutes' drive to the bus station; 20 minutes' drive to the airport. - Jiakai Crown Hotel is constructed by Hainan Kaidu Industrial Co., LTD, according to 4 star standard. In accordance with the management of Kangnian Crown Garden Hotel, together with family-like intimate and meticulous service, the hotel which will allow you to have the clean, quiet, comfortable accommodation environment for you to enjoy every moment of happiness. It is the ideal place for leisure, vacation, business ideals.
Normal Big Bed Room 38.00 USDBook

Hainai Huangma Holiday Hotel - Haikou
Hainai Huangma Holiday Hotel - Haikou Haikou Railway Station 26.08 km East Haikou Raiway Station 5 km Haikou Meilan International Airport 19.07 km Pearl Square 1.5 km - The Hainai Huangma Holiday Hotel (Hainan Huangma Jiari Dajiudian) is located at Haifu Road of Meilan District in Haikou. It is 25 kilometers from Meilan Airport. Opened in 2011, the hotel features 207 guest rooms and suites.
Trait Single Room 57.00 USDBook

Golden Sea View Hotel, Haikou Wireless Internet
Golden Sea View Hotel, Haikou 30kms to the Airport; 30kms to the Railway Station; 2kms to the city centre; Surrounding landscape: Wanluyuan Garden, Holiday Beach - It's a large international 4-star business hotel. 230 guestrooms with advanced equipment and perfect facilities.
Standard Room 53.00 USDBook

Haikou Goldenbay hotel Wireless Internet
Haikou Goldenbay hotel The hotel locate in the interchange of Nansha Road and Haide Road, wak distance from Changmao Garden, the traffice is convenient. 22km and 30 minutes drive from the Haikou Meilan International Airport and railway station. 2km from Jinniuling Garden, 5 minutes by taxi; 3km from Mingzhu Square, 10 minutes by taxi. - Hainan Golden Bay Hotel began trial open on June 28, 2009, the hotel is located in No. 33 Nansha Road, Haikou City. Hotel built and managed according to four star standard, integrates catering, accommodation, chess and other services multi-functional business hotel.
Superior Twin Room 27.00 USDBook

Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou
Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou 35 km from Haikou Railway Station; 35km from Haikou Meilan International Airport; 10km from Downtown Pearl Square. - Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province, a perfect destination for business and leisure. Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou, located at the entrance of Nandu River to the South China Sea, enjoying both the splendid ocean view and river view, equipped with high–tech modern facilities, the only one international 5-star hotel owning yacht club and commercial street, combining business and leisure together, is your best choice in Haikou city.
Superior Room 90.00 USDBook

GuestHouse International Hotel Renaissance City Haikou
GuestHouse International Hotel Renaissance City Haikou 24.1km from Haikou Meilan Airport; 5.6km from Haikou Xiuying Port; 21.6km from Haikou Railway Station. - Situated at the heart of Haikou city and within World Trade business core area, the GuestHouse International Hotel Renaissance City Haikou is landmark of Haikou city with Qiongzhou Strait at hand. A 30-minute drive will see guests to Haikou Meilan Airport.
Elegant Room 52.00 USDBook

Bao Hua Harbour View Hotel Wireless Internet
Bao Hua Harbour View Hotel 5 minutes driving to the port; 20 minutes driving to the railway station; 5 minutes driving to the city center; 30 minutes driving to the airport; Surround landscape: Wan LuYuan, Holiday Beach, Ocean World, Shengsheng Department Store - Baohua Harbour View Hotel is the first hotel in Hainan Province endorsed by ISO9001 and ISO14001. It is situated at the financial commercial district of Haikou city, right on the seaboard, facing the well-grassed evergreen park and the magnificent Qiongzhou Straits. It is 3 minutes car ride from the port of Haikou, 25 minutes drive from the airport and 15minutes drive from the railway station. The prime geographical location of the hotel offers you a gorgeous view of the sea and, enjoying the handy commercial facilities in combination with the gracious service provide by the hotel in light of its performance principles of hearty devotion, mutual benefit, enterprising innovation and acme of perfection. You will find the hotel a home from home. The original, connotative and graceful sail shaped design of the hotel's exterior rose above as the marker of Haikou City, and the interior 21- meter high grand lobby of the hotel is constructed in light of the good traditional Chinese geomantic omen, hence its unique quadrangular glass vault which inspires will-lighting.
Twin Room 57.00 USDBook

Haikou Golden Coast Lawton Wireless Internet
Haikou Golden Coast Lawton To the airport: 25km, to the railway station: 4km, to the city center: 4.5km; Surrounding landscape: Bai Shamen Beach, Century Bridge. - Golden Coast Lawton Hotel is located in the north end of Haidian Island in Haikou City, the capital city of Hainan Province-- the largest special economic zone of China. The hotel, officially approved by the Tourism Bureau as a five-star international hotel, is only 1000 meters away from the sea, with a superior location, beautiful environment and convenient traffic conditions.
Superior Twin Room 63.00 USDBook

Haikou Oscar Hotel
Haikou Oscar Hotel The railway station is 25km away and the airport is 20km away. - Oscar Hotel, situated in the center of the city , is a business hotel in the international Four-star standard, providing with 222 all kinds of luxurious rooms and suites, equipped with western and Chinese style dining rooms, multi-functional conference hall, medium and small meeting rooms, coffee bar, KTV house for amusement, recreation room, outdoor tea-seats with music, beauty salon boutique , brand bazaar. etc.
Standard Twin Room no breakfast52.00 USDBook

Sun City Hotel, Hainan
Sun City Hotel, Hainan Located at the city center, 20km from the airpor - Sun City Hotel is situated at the city center of Haikou, and is only 20km from the airport. Facing the garden and the flourishing street, and backing against the Qiongzhou Straight from afar, the hotel boast a graceful environment.
Superior Business Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook

Hainan Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel Wireless Internet
Hainan Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel To Airport: 26km, To Haikou Railway Station: 20km, To city center: 1km; Surrounding View: Mingzhu Square, Wan Fulong Supermarket, Le Pusheng Emporium - Located in the busiest downtown area of Haikou City, the hotel is the first 4-star commercial tourist hotel.
Superior Twin Room 44.00 USDBook

Haikou Jiazheng Overseas International Hotel
Haikou Jiazheng Overseas International Hotel Located downtown 40km (30-min-drive) to railway station 30km (20-min-drive) to airport 20km (15-min-drive) to exhibition center 10km (8-min-drive) to harbor 10km (8-min-drive) to coach station - Jiazheng Overseas International Hotel Haikou is a 3-star hotel famous for the natural hot spring. The 16-story hotel, located in the business center, is surrounded by shopping and recreation centers.
Deluxe Twin Room 22.00 USDBook

Guobin Hotel Haikou
Guobin Hotel Haikou The hotel is located in downtown, about 30kms to the Airport and only 20kms to the railway station. - The hotel is invested from Taiwanese businessman of three luxurious cabaret of star classes, is located in the most prosperous marketplace of seaport City .
Superior Room 19.00 USDBook

Conifer Garden Hotel, Haikou
Conifer Garden Hotel, Haikou 3-min-drive to downtown; 28km(30-min-drive) to railway station and airport; 10km(15-min-drive) to exhibition center. - With pleasant environment and fresh air, Haikou Conifer Garden Hotel is close to Jinniuling Park. It is about 30-min-drive from Haikou International Airport.
Standard Twin Room 63.00 USDBook

Mingguang HNA Hotel, Haikou Wireless Internet
Mingguang HNA Hotel, Haikou 5km from city center; 20minutes from Haikou Meilan International Airport - It is a business hotel, supervised by HNA International Hotel Management Company, and it is located in the city center of Haikou, as a landmark site of the city.
Superior Yuejingge View Room 79.00 USDBook

Haikou Tower Hotel
Haikou Tower Hotel To city center: 3.5km, to railway station: 25km, to airport: 25km; Surrounding landscape: Bin Hai Park, Wanluyuan, Shengsheng Department, Country Bridge. - The hotel is located near the Finance Area and 30-minutes from the Haikou Airport.
Garden-View Twin Room 36.00 USDBook

HNA Hotel Downtown Haikou
HNA Hotel Downtown Haikou Located in the center of Haikou's business area; 25 minutes driving to Haikou Meilan International Airport; 30 minutes driving to Haikou Railway Station; Surrounding landscape: Haikou Municipal People's Park, South-Asia Commercial Square, Carrefour, Pearl Commercial Square, Donghu Lake, Haikou Old Street, Jinniuling Park - Located 25 minutes away from the airport in the center of Haikou's business area.HNA Hotel Downtown Haikou has a relaxing garden.Its lush, tropical greenery and elegant design completely shields the visitor from any street noise or traffic. HNA Hotel Downtown Haikou is a convenient but relaxing home for both business and pleasure
Superior Twin Room 51.00 USDBook

Hainan Minghang Hotel
Hainan Minghang Hotel Distance from city center: 0km, distance from railway station: 25km, distance from airport: 26km. - The hotel loactes in tour street Haixiu Road Haikou city Hainan province which is business and culture important area.
Deluxe Big Bed Room 36.00 USDBook

Hainan Asgard Hotel
Hainan Asgard Hotel to Sanya phoenix airport only 20 minutes by car, to Tianyahaijao, west island sea entertain park only 25minutes by car, to Nanshan Culture park only 30minutes, to Yalong bay developmentzone 30minutes by car, to city center drive for 5 minutes - The hotel adjoins the white monk seashore bathing place, the blue sky white clouds, the coconut tree wind sea rhyme, completely present tropics Binhai character and style.
Standard Twin Room 22.00 USDBook

ShenLan City Apartments, Haikou
ShenLan City Apartments, Haikou To airport: 13km To railway station: 8km To downtown: 1km - ShenLan City Apartments is a commercial apartment with an elegant environment. It opened in 2006. The construction is in a simple style.
Deluxe Family Big Bed Room 31.00 USDBook

Hainan Hongyun hotel
Hainan Hongyun hotel 27km from Haikou Meilan International Airport, it costs about 30 minutes and 50RMB by taxi. 20km from Railway Station, it costs about 30 minutes and 50RMB by taxi. - Hainan Hongyun Hotel located in city commercial and cultural center of Haixiu East Road, Haikou, with an easy walking distance away from Evergreen Park, East Lake Garden, Five Officials Temple(Wugong Temple), People's Park and Supermarket in Haikou, guest can also take a short taxi ride to. The location and traffice is very convenient.
Superior Big Bed Room 47.00 USDBook

Golden Lotus Herton Seaview Hotel, Haikou
Golden Lotus Herton Seaview Hotel, Haikou 5-min-drive to harbor, 15-min-drive to railway station, 25-min-drive to airport. - Golden Lotus Herton Seaview Hotel is a business hotel adjacent to Wanlu Botanical Garden and Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center.
Garden-View Big Bed Room 49.00 USDBook

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