Fuzhou hotels: our hotels located in Fuzhou are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in Fuzhou, and they have the lowest rates in Fuzhou. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the Fuzhou city, they guarantee the best accommodation in Fuzhou.

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Empark Grand Hotel Fu Zhou
Empark Grand Hotel Fu Zhou The hotel is located 45kms from the airport and 3kms to the nearest railway station. - It's a modern commercial 5-Star hotel located in the business, financial and commercial center of Fuzhou City.
Superior Twin Room 79.00 USDBook

Sofis Pingshan Hotel Fuzhou Wireless Internet
Sofis Pingshan Hotel Fuzhou To Fuzhou Changle Airport: 50km; To Fuzhou Railway Station: 2.5km; To City Center and Wuyi Square: 4km; To Hot Spring Park: 2km; To Provincial Government, Fujian Daily, Provincial People's Congress: 10mins by foot. - Sofis Pingshan Hotel Fuzhou is a three-star business hotel combined with eating, staying, entertaining and shopping. The hotel facilities are elaborate; environment is beautiful and tranquil. With its convenient traffic and excellent service, the hotel is well-know in Fuzhou hotel industry. It's your first and the best choice for traveling, doing business, trainings, meetings, eating and staying.
Fashion Big Bed Room 63.00 USDBook

Fuzhou Success Link International Hotel
Fuzhou Success Link International Hotel 10-minutes to the railway station 60-minutes to the airport. Surrounding View: Warm Spring Park, International Exhibition Center, XinHuaDu Shopping Square - The Success Link International Hotel is located on the flourishing Wu Si Road (downtown).
Standard Twin Room 31.00 USDBook

Days Hotel Jindu Fuzhou Wireless Internet
Days Hotel Jindu Fuzhou Distance from city center: 2km, distance from railway station: 3km, distance from airport: 47km. - Days Hotel Jindu Fuzhou is a core brand under American Wyndham Hotel Group, a global hotel group tycoon.
Deluxe Room 66.00 USDBook

Union Nation Hotel ,Fuzhou
Union Nation Hotel ,Fuzhou The Hotel is in the city, 6km from Railway Station, 40km from Airport. - Fuzhou Union Nation Hotel located in Six One South Road South bridge, enjoys the beautiful scenery of Minjiang River in Fuzhou, closes to Taijiang walking street, it has elegant environment, convenient traffic and is quiet in the rowdy.
Normal Big Bed Room 63.00 USDBook

Fujian Intercontinental Hotel
Fujian Intercontinental Hotel It is located about 45kms to the airport and 3kms to the railway station. - The Fujian Intercontinental Hotel is a 4-star facilities hotel located in the business center of Fuzhou.
Standard Room 71.00 USDBook

FUZHOU MEILUN HOYEL 50kms from the airport. 2kms from the train station. - FUZHOU MEILUN HOYEL Hotel is the first hotel in Fuzhou that with an international brand. Built in accordance with the 5-star standard, the hotel is affiliated to the world famous hotel management institution Ramada International. The hotel has a unique appearance of the solemn Gothic architecture. With the special decoration and equipment, it is a perfect work that mixed the East and West culture.
Standard Room 85.00 USDBook

Fujian Enjoy Hotel
Fujian Enjoy Hotel to airport:50km, to Fuzhou railway station:5km, to city center:0km surrounding landscape: Wuyi square, Yu mountain scenery area, Fuzhou hot spring park, West lake - The hotel is equipped with top grade facilities, there are 200 various guest rooms, restaurants serving different cuisines, a romantic coffee shop, bright lobby, a business center which provides business secretary service, type service, copy service, fax service and ticket service. For entertainment, the gymnsium, sauna center and massage center are all being constructed now and will soon be in use.
Fine large bed room 57.00 USDBook

Golden Hotel,Fuzhou Wireless Internet
Golden Hotel,Fuzhou In the opposite of Fuzhou Railway Station, it is 15 minutes by car from the heart of Fuzhou and 50 minutes from the airport. - Golden Hotel, Fuzhou is a four-star tourist hotel managed by the world's top fifty Hotel Management Group Ltd.
Preference Room 38.00 USDBook

Fuzhou Spring Hotel (Guping Road Branch) Wireless Internet
Fuzhou Spring Hotel (Guping Road Branch) 3.5km from North Bus Station, it costs aout 10 minutes and 8 RMB by taxi. 18km from South Railway Station, it costs aout 25 minutes and 40 RMB by taxi. 0.5km from City center East Street, it costs aout 5 minutes and 8 RMB by taxi; It's about 10 minutes walking. - Spring Hotel (Guping Road) ( Business hotel in the edge of West Lake Park), is Fuzhou Spring Garden Group Business chain Brand, adjacent to the provincial government, only 500 meters straight line from West Lake Park, which is surrounded by the main provincial department level units, with external convenient traffic and location.
Business Big Bed Room 45.00 USDBook

Days Hotel TengShan Fujian
Days Hotel TengShan Fujian 6.9km from Bus Terminal; 7.2km from City Center; 9.9km from Railway Station; 38.42km from Changle International Airport. - Days Hotel TengShan Fujian is located in Cangshan campus of Fujian Normal University, full of " Literary culture"; Days Hotel TengShan Fujian join in the United States Days Inn Hotel Group in 2010, adhering to the" high quality, value choice" service concept, initiating fashion, exquisiteness, luxury and classic 's harmonious collocation.
Family Room 42.00 USDBook

Fu Zhou Literary Fashion Hotel
Fu Zhou Literary Fashion Hotel From the town center: 0 km; from train station: 6 km; from airport: 45 km; from 51 Square: 2 km. - Home Inns (Fuzhou Wuyi Road ) opened in December 2008, the hotel is located in the opposite of South long-distance, Bus Station, Fuzhou, from the Fuzhou airport bus waiting stations and through underground lane can access to the hotel, the hotel surrounded by 20 transportation lines, the traffic is very convenient.
Preferential Big Bed Room 24.00 USDBook

Spring Hotel Fuzhou- Ziyang Branch Wireless Internet
Spring Hotel Fuzhou- Ziyang Branch Spring Hotel Fuzhou- Ziyang Branch is located in the intersection of Cangle Road and FuXin road, JinAn District CBD, surrounded with beautiful environment, towards the whole nation around 4A scenic spot -- drum mountain scenic area; Circumjacent facilities, with wal-mart, carrefour shopping plaza, integrating large national electricity giants - gome, suning chain, Jin'an district party committee, FuXing investment comments, xi Yin men furniture plaza, asia-pacific auto parts city and jewellery city. The No.305 bus can go directly to the hotel from south Shanghai railway station. - Spring Hotel Fuzhou- Ziyang Branch is the core characteristic business hotel after Spring Hotel, Fuzhou-Wuyi Road Branch under Juchunyuan group. Spring Hotel Fuzhou- Ziyang Branch uphold group culture, also Incisively and vividly exert the fashionable, warmth, quick service concept, finally becomes a unique fashion business hotel in the east of Fuzhou.
Business Big Bed Room 39.00 USDBook

Spring Hotel, Fuzhou-Wuyi Road Branch Wireless Internet
Spring Hotel, Fuzhou-Wuyi Road Branch Distance from South Bus Station:0.5km; Distance from North Bus Station:4.5km; Distance from the railway station:4.5km; Distance from the city center :0.5km; Distance from the airport:48km; Distance from bus staion(to airport):0.2km - Spring Hotel is the first and the only business hotel designed in Chinese and Western style in Fuzhou City.
Business Big Bed Room 28.00 USDBook

Fuzhou Tongyue Hotspring Hotel Wireless Internet
Fuzhou Tongyue Hotspring Hotel - The Fuzhou Tongyue Express Hotel (Fuzhou Tongyue Kuaijie Jiudian) is located on Hualin Road, a few steps away from a hot spring park, provincial hospital and railway station.
Big Bed Room 31.00 USDBook

Shangri-la Hotel, Fuzhou
Shangri-la Hotel, Fuzhou Distance from the airport (km) : 60, from Fuzhou Railway Station distance (km) : 6, from the city center (km) : 0 - Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel on the horizon in the heart of this provincial capital city, the adjacent shopping center, only 45 minutes from the international airport journey.
Deluxe Single Room 138.00 USDBook

Fuzhou New Zi Yang Hotel
Fuzhou New Zi Yang Hotel Distance from the airport ( Km ): 40 Distance from the railway station ( Km ): 4 Distance from the city center ( Km ): 3 - Fuzhou New Zi Yang, built according to international 4-star standard, is situated at the crossing of broad Chang Le Road and Fu Xin Road.
Boutique Full-view Big Bed Room 60.00 USDBook

Fuzhou Emma Outer Space Hotel
Fuzhou Emma Outer Space Hotel Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 60 km Railway Station Fuzhou North Railway Station 8.3 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 8 km Downtown Wuyi Square 1.7 km - The Emma Hotel (Aima Tianwaitian Jiudian) is located at the crossing of Hetang Road and Jiaotong Road, opposite to Chating Park and close to Wuyi Square.
Standard Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook

Sun Shine Holiday Hotel - Fuzhou
Sun Shine Holiday Hotel - Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 60 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 5 km Downtown Wuyi Square 1.07 km - Good service in mid-range hotelFuzhou's Sunshine Holiday Hotel (Yangguang Jiari Dajiudian) is a three-star hotel located near Wuyi Square, 50 km (31 mi) from the airport and 8 km (5 mi) from the railway station.
Standard Big Bed Room 68.00 USDBook

Landscape Hotel - Fuzhou
Landscape Hotel - Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 49.54 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 4 km Downtown Wuyi Square 3 km - The Fandscape Hotel (Shanshui Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of Dongjiekou Shengfu Road and Bayiqi Road in downtown Fuzhou, adjacent to Dongjiekou Department Store and the Postal Office Building.
Small Single Room 58.00 USDBook

Galaxy Garden Hotel - Fuzhou
Galaxy Garden Hotel - Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 80 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 2 km Downtown Wuyi Square 3.77 km - The Galaxy Garden Hotel (Yinhe Huayuan Dafandian) is located in downtown Fuzhou, a great choice for doing business, shopping and touring.
Standard Twin Room 60.00 USDBook

Fujian West Lake Hotel - Fuzhou
Fujian West Lake Hotel - Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 50.99 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 4 km Downtown Wuyi Square 2.5 km - The Fujian West Lake Hotel (Fuzhou Xihu Binguan) is a garden hotel located by West Lake in Fuzhou.
VIP Building Standard Twin Room 68.00 USDBook

Green Island Hotel - Fuzhou
Green Island Hotel - Fuzhou Road/Landmark East Street 2 km Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 45.14 km Bus Station/Dock/Port North Bus Station 1 km Government Office/School/Hospital Fujian Normal University 5 km Downtown Wuyi Square 1.5 km Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Yantai Shan Mountain 15 km - The Fuzhou Greeislang Hotel (Fuzhou Lvdao Dajiudian) is a business hotel located on Sangao Road, the theme of which is centered around auto culture.
Mini Twin Room 27.00 USDBook

Super 8 (Fuzhou Baihutin)
Super 8 (Fuzhou Baihutin) Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 46.4 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 9.8 km Downtown Wuyi Square 6.7 km - The philosophy behind Super 8 hotels, a budget brand from the US Wyndham Group, is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun.
Standard Big Bed Room with two breakfast31.00 USDBook

Fuzhou Hotel - Fuzhou
Fuzhou Hotel - Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou Changle Airport 60 km Railway Station Fuzhou Railway Station 6 km Downtown Wuyi Square 0.5 km - The Fuzhou Hotel (Fuzhou Dafandian) is a four-star hotel located in the center of the city, near Yushan Mountain and Wuyi Square, 60 km from the airport and just five km from the railway station.
Normal Standard Room 63.00 USDBook

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