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Days Hotel Huanan
Days Hotel Huanan Hotel located in Nanfeng Avenue Sanshui District, in the opposite of Century Royal Palace Hotel. 28km from Foshan Airport; 33km from Foshan Railway Station; 4km from Foshan Sanshui Bus Terminal. - Days Hotel Huanan is located in teh center of new town in Sanshui district,where the geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.It's just 25 minutes drive to Guangzhou and Foshan downtown and 35 minutes to new Baiyun international airport and famous tourism city Zhaoqing.The hotel is next to 321 national road, Guangzhou-Sanshui highway and Guangzhou-Zhaoqing light rail,and close to Sanshui Forest Park, Lotus World, and other world famous tourist attractions and large shopping plaza.
Superior Single Room 37.00 USDBook

Foshan Xinzhongyuan Hotel
Foshan Xinzhongyuan Hotel 50 km from Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport is; 15 km from Foshan railway station; 10 km from the city center; Bus: 5 minutes walk to the bus station - Huaxia newzhongyuan Hotel is located in the Huaxia Ceramic Exhibition City, Nanzhuang Foshan, and is 35km away from Guangzhou. It's first ultra luxury property rights hotel in Foshan, which decorated in accordance with five-star standard design. Hotel total construction area of 60,000 square meters, 21 floors, it's the most perfect supporting and individuation hotel.
Standard Big Bed Room 60.00 USDBook

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan
Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan - 200 m to Foshan Ancestral Temple - 400 m to subway station; - 3 km to Foshan Bus Station - 3 km to Foshan Railway Station; - 10 km to Foshan Airport; - 53.1 km to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. - Located in the central Chancheng District of Foshan at the junction of Zumiao Road and Renmin Road, the Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan (Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Make Boluo Jiudian) is designed with a modern and oriental touch. It is adjacent to the Ancestral Temple and the beautiful Lingnan Tiandi historic redevelopment. It is only a short walk to the Zumiao subway station and 55 minutes drive to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.
Superior Big Bed Room 86.00 USDBook

Foshan Carrianna Hotel(Overseas Chinese Hotel)
Foshan Carrianna Hotel(Overseas Chinese Hotel) Distance to Airport 50 Km, to old Fair 30 Km and to new Fair 50 Km. Foshan Hua Qiao Hotel is situated on Zumiao Road, the commercial center of Foshan. Nearby are the well-known scenic spots of Foshan and the foreign trade organizations. The hotel has easy access to the airport and railway station. It is an ideal place of accommodation and recreation for Chinese and international visitors and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. - Located in downtown area of Foshan and adjacent to famous scenic spots Ancestral Temple, Liang Garden and Renshou Temple.
Business Room 69.00 USDBook

Clifford (Golden Lake) Hotel,Foshan
Clifford (Golden Lake) Hotel,Foshan To Foshan railway station: 45km; To Foshan Ancestral Temple: 60km; Surrounding landscape: Nanhai Golf Club, Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai Wetland, Guanghu Farm Ecological Park, Nanguo Peach Park and Sanshui Forest Park. - Clifford (Golden Lake) Hotel, which locates at Golden lake resort of Nanhai, Guangdong, is a business, leisure and resort hotel in mediterranean style. The hotel is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau and has convenient traffic. Belonging to Clifford Group, Clifford (Golden Lake) Hotel is a leisure and vacation resort constructed as international star standard and won the honors of Best Sunshine Beach Hotel, The Most Welcomed Hotel by Tourist from Hong Kong and Macau, Green Hotel, Excellent Travelling Hotel and so on.
Main building Superior Twin Room included 2 Breakfast56.00 USDBook

Foshan Panorama Hotel
Foshan Panorama Hotel 80 kms to airport 60 kms to Foshan railway station 42 kms to downtown - Foshan Panorama Hotel is close to Biguiyuan Golf Court, neighboring the famous scenic spot - former residence of Bruce Lee and Shunde Biological Park.
Executive Deluxe Twin Room 75.00 USDBook

Deng xilai Hotel, Foshan
Deng xilai Hotel, Foshan Distance from Linnan pearl gym and Century sports center only 10 minutes by drive, distance from Guangzhou railway station and Pa continent exposition center only 30 minutes by drive. - Foshan New leaf Deng xilai Hotel is a chain-style operating hotel management company, the head hotel-Dengxilai hotel is located at Wenhua north road Chancheng zone, Foshan, which is a 3 star green environmental and protection hotel.
Warmth Big Bed Room Prepay29.00 USDBook

Golden City Hotel,Foshan
Golden City Hotel,Foshan Hotel is situated in the commercial centre of Chancheng District, Foshan City. With convenient transportation and good location. 3km from Railway Station. - Golden City Hotel, a four-star hotel, is situated in the commercial centre of Chancheng District, Foshan City. With convenient transportation and good location, it could bring you brand-new business experience. The hotel offers an extensive range of business activities such as eating, lodging, entertaining and shopping, and provides comprehensive facilities and unrivaled services. In an elegant and magnificent setting, it is ideal for business and leisure. Hotel has different style of Chinese and Western restaurants, banquet hall and private dining rooms, with a capacity of over 1500 guests.
Executive Big Bed Room 65.00 USDBook

The Foshan Ji Lv hua Tim Hotel
The Foshan Ji Lv hua Tim Hotel 4.1km from Dali Bus Center; 12.7km from Foshan Railway Station; 14.9km from Foshan Airport. - Foshan Jilv Hua Tim Hotel is located in No.97 Songgang Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is a flagship hotel belong to Jilv Group. The hotel has advantageous location, in the intersection of Songgang Avenue, Taoyuan Yi Road, Songshi Road and Guihe Road, there are shopping malls, restaurants, banks, KTV and recreation centers nearby, the traffic is extremely convenient, many bus routes can arrive at hotel.
Standard Big Bed Room 23.00 USDBook

Vienna Hotel Group ,Foshan Branch (Foshan Huangdu Hotel)
Vienna Hotel Group ,Foshan Branch (Foshan Huangdu Hotel) Distance from city center: 0km, distance from Foshan railway station: 3km, 10 minutes by car. distance from Guangzhou Baiyun airport: 50km, - Huangdu Hotel is in the Foshan city which is one of the four famous towns .It is a three-star tourist hotel, it lies in the Foping road between Chancheng District and Nanhai District, located in the prosperous politics, finance, downtown in Foshan City, apart from the airport for 30 minutes ,andfrom the train station for 10 minutes,the transportation is very convenient.
Elegant Big Bed Room 34.00 USDBook

Vienna Hotel Foshan Chancheng Renmin Road
Vienna Hotel Foshan Chancheng Renmin Road 5 km from Foshan Railway Station; 40km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport; 0.2km from Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple. - Vienna Hotel is the first "music" theme chain hotel in the world, it is one of the largest boutique Traders Hotel in China. Foshan Chancheng people Road Branch next to Foshan radio and television university, adjacent to Foshan Ancestral Temple and Huang Feihong Museum, Temple Commercial Street, surrounded by flowers square, Oriental Plaza and other large shopping malls, it's very convenient to go to Hongyun Bus Terminal.
Preferential Single Room 36.00 USDBook

Foshan Shunde Grandview Hotel
Foshan Shunde Grandview Hotel Foshan Railway Station:80KM; - Grandview Hotel is a theme hotel located in the city's central area, with beautiful views of the Desheng River.
Deluxe Big Bed Room 51.00 USDBook

Nanhai Xinyangguang Hotel, Foshan
Nanhai Xinyangguang Hotel, Foshan Located downtown ; 5km to railway sation ; - The New Sunshine Hotel (Foshan Xinyangguan Jiudian) offers guests sumptuous Chinese, Japanese and Western dishes, decent coffee and casual drinks.
Standard Twin Room included 2 Breakfast40.00 USDBook

Aloft Nanhai Foshan Hotel
Aloft Nanhai Foshan Hotel 23km from Guangzhou Subway Line 5 Jiaokou Station; 22.6km from Foshan Bus Terminal; 19km from Foshan Raiway Station; 32km from Guangzhou Raiway Station; 57km from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. - The Aloft Hotel is located at the intersection of Bo'ai Middle Road and Shicheng Road, close to First Ring and Guang-San Highway. Opened in 2011, the 11-story hotel features 252 rooms. The hotel property include swimming pool, restaurant, bars and meeting rooms.
Aloft Suite 78.00 USDBook

Huifeng Holiday Hotel - Foshan
Huifeng Holiday Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 16.11 km Airport Foshan Airport 13.37 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 19.56 km - The Huifeng Holiday Hotel (Huifeng Jiari Jiudian) is only a five-minute drive from the Nanguo Peach Garden (Nanguo Taoyuan) and 15 minutes from the Foshan airport.
Business Single Room 38.00 USDBook

Chengshi Kezhan Foshan Jihualu Hotel, Foshan
Chengshi Kezhan Foshan Jihualu Hotel, Foshan 40km to New Baiyun Airport, 6km to railway station, 4km to coach station. - City Inn Jihua Road is located in the city center, only 6 kilometers from Foshan Railway Station.
Bussiness Room B 28.00 USDBook

Foshan Nanhai Xinhu Hotel
Foshan Nanhai Xinhu Hotel To Foshan Railway Station: 6km To downtown: 5.96km - Foshan Xin Hu Hotel, the 4 stars business hotel, which is located in thecenter of Guicheng, Nanhai. Near by the beautiful park of Lei Gang and Qian Deng Hu.
Preferential Single Room(No window) included 2 Breakfast41.00 USDBook

Chengshi Kezhan Shunde Qinghui Hotel, Foshan
Chengshi Kezhan Shunde Qinghui Hotel, Foshan 50 meters to Daliang Station, 8km to Daliang coach station, 60-min-drive to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 60-min-drive to Shenzhen Airport, 15-min-drive to Shunde Harbor . - City Inn Shunde Qinghui is convenient to the famous Qinghui Garden, Baolin Temple, Xisi Temple and Shunfengshan Park.
Bussiness Room B 24.00 USDBook

Friendly Holiday Hotel
Friendly Holiday Hotel - The Friendly Holiday Hotel (Foshan Huili Jiari Jiudian) is located within easy reach of the Nanguo Peach Garden, Sanshui Forest Park and Nandan Mountain Scenic Area.
Standard Single Room Prepay included 2 Breakfast30.00 USDBook

Shunde Luyin Hotel - Foshan
Shunde Luyin Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 65 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 44.37 km - The Deerhill Hotel (Foshan Luyin Jiudian) is located by the Ronggui Section of National Road 105, not far from Shunde Port.
Deluxe Single Room 36.00 USDBook

Shiwan Hotel - Foshan
Shiwan Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 5 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 1.24 km - The Shiwan Hotel (Shiwan Binguan) is located in historic Foshan of the Pearl River Delta.
Deluxe Single Room Prepay48.00 USDBook

Yingbai Hotel - Foshan
Yingbai Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 4.98 km Airport Foshan Airport 5 km Airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 65 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 80 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 5 km -
Deluxe Twin Room no breakfast37.00 USDBook

Foshan wide lake Hotel
Foshan wide lake Hotel Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 15 km Airport Foshan Airport 19.1 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 30 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 35 km - The Guangbin Hotel (Foshan Guangbin Dajiudian) enjoys close proximity to several popular tourist attractions including the Nanhai Filming Town and Nanguo Orchard.
Standard Single Room 31.00 USDBook

Shunde Silver Sea Hotel - Foshan
Shunde Silver Sea Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 70 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 70 km - Featuring a European architectural style, the Silverseas Hotel (Foshan Yinhai Jiudian) is located in Ronggui in the Pearl River Delta.
Business Twin Room 40.00 USDBook

Centenio Kingdom Hotel, Foshan Wireless Internet
Centenio  Kingdom  Hotel, Foshan It is 4 kilometers away from fo shan bus station, and 3 kilometers from foshan train station 3 kilometers from fo shan airport, 13 kilometers from nan hai ping zhou port, 25 kilometers from Guangzhou train station, 40 kilometers from Bai yurn airport, there have the through bus between bai yun airport and foshan bus station., Centenio Kingdom Hotel is located on the cross of nan hai and fo shan city, also in the area of Zhu jiang delta fo shan city.
Not available

New World Shunde, Foshan Wireless Internet
New World Shunde, Foshan Away airport:36km, away railway station:36km Surrounding landscapes:QingHui park, Baolin temple, West mountain Temple, Huagai road downtown walk street, ecology paradise, Surrounding landscapes:QingHui park, Baolin temple, West mountain Temple, Huagai road downtown walk street,
Not available

Country Garden Holiday Resorts
Country Garden Holiday Resorts The Country Garden Holiday Resort is located between Guangzhou City and Panyu District. It is just about 15 minutes to Guangzhou city center by highway. About 25 minutes driving from Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center; 35 minutes from Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition Center. Distance from railway station: 45km, distance from south railway station: 9km, distance from airport: 60km., Country Garden Holiday Resorts stands elegantly Inside Country Garden at the foot of Mountain Gui and beside River Bee. Green hills and clean waters, Verdant meadows and lovely lawns, Show the world the world her refined Styles, she possesses both picturesque Views, dark and green, and heart-stirring air Fresh and free. A real wonderland that modern people are yearning for, full of peaceful calm and Comforts of the great nature.
Not available

Butterfly Valley Resort, Foshan
Butterfly Valley Resort, Foshan Distance from the airport: 60km Distance from Foshan railway station: 25km Distance from the city center: 25km, Ideally located in the beautiful Nanguo Peach Garden area ranked among the eight new views of Foshan, Butterfly Valley Hotel and Resort sits only 30 kilometers downtown Guanzhou, home of the long running Canton Trade Fair (CECF), 25 kilometers from Foshan industrial district and 50 kilometers from Baiyun International Airport --- making the Butterfly Valley Resort the premier venue for business and leisure travelers.
Not available

Golden Sun Hotel, Foshan
Golden Sun Hotel, Foshan 3km from Sanshui Square, 10 minutes by taxi; 6km from Sanshui Lotus World, 15 minutes by taxi; 5km from Sanshui Forest Garden, 15 minutes by taxi; 35km from Foshan Airport, 30 minutes by taxi; 65km from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 90 minutes by taxi; 42km from Guangzhou Railway Station, 60 minutes by taxi., Foshan Golden Sun Hotel is a platinum five-star business hotel, which has 508 various types rooms, 10 meeting rooms, operating dining, entertainment, shopping. Hotel located in Sanshui, Foshan City, Guangdong Province -one of the famous longevity villages, with a total construction area of 160,000 square meters, total investment over 1 billion yuan. Hotel is 25 minutes driving from the urban area of Guangzhou and Foshan, 35 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the tourist city of Zhaoqing, only 60 minutes from Pazhou Hall.
Not available

Century Hotel Shunde, Foshan
Century Hotel Shunde, Foshan The Century Hotel (Xianquan jiudian) located in the Shunfeng Hill travel area, about 55km from the airport, 45km from the railway station. Some of the famous tourist spots are nearby., All that are in one leading four-star-standard hotel in South China----Century hotel Shunde, Guangdong. The hotel is located in the centre of the beautiful spot of Shunfeng Hill Travel Area, Shunde city, Guangdong province. Just face to the Guangzhu Highway and 5 minutes ride from Shunde harbour. what's more, there are some of the famous tourist spots are nearby.
Not available

City Hotel, Foshan
City Hotel, Foshan To city center: 8km; to railway station: 20km, to airport: 20km, City Hotel is situated in downtown Foshan. The hotel has totally 186 rooms. All of the rooms have well-equipped facilities such as Internet Access.
Not available

Vienna Hotel Foshan Haiyatt Hotel
Vienna Hotel Foshan Haiyatt Hotel 7km to Nanhai Square ; 3km to commercial walking street; 5km to coach station; 10km to Foshan railway station ; 70km to Baiyun Airport; 20 minutes drive from Guangzhou and Foshan, 30 minutes from Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center and 40 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport., Foshan Haiyatt Hotel is located in economically developed Pearl River Delta – Foshan city, Nanhai District. Hotel won the "2010 Nova Hotels Award."
Not available

Yucheng Hotel, Foshan
Yucheng Hotel, Foshan To Baiyun Airport : 45minutues drive To Nanhai Station: 3minutes drive To Foshan Railway Station:20minutes drive, Yucheng Hotel locates on the North side of City Square Haigui City Foshan, so it is very convenient in transporation. The hotel has a square over 30, 000 square meters. It is with 12 floors and 15, 000 square meters garden parking lot.
Not available

Foshan Agile Hotel
Foshan Agile Hotel Away from Foshan Train Station:12km Away from The Temple of the Ancestors :10km, Our hotel is located at the heart of Sui Yan Road Yan Bu Nanhai Foshan, which is between Guangzhou and Foshan. It's your first choice for your leisure and business trip. There is only 10 minutes away from the Fangchun. We can offer Sauna, Spa, KTV Club and foot massage Entertainment Club. Restaurant and Bus station are near hotel.
Not available

Foshan Chancheng Hotel A
Foshan Chancheng Hotel A The Chan Cheng Hotel is 25kms to the airport. 3kms to the railway station. 1km to the Foshan Ancestral Temple., The Chan Cheng Hotel is 25kms to the airport. 3kms to the railway station. 1km to the Foshan Ancestral Temple.
Not available

Shunde Juntao Business Hotel, Foshan Wireless Internet
Shunde Juntao Business Hotel, Foshan - 5-min-drive to Coach Station; - 15-min-drive to Harbor; - 10-min-drive to Terminal Building; - 60-min-drive to Airport., Juntao International Hotel And Apartments is situated in city's flourishing commercial center, close to Qinghui Garden, Baolin Temple and Shunde Exhibition Center.
Not available

Yucheng Garden Hotel, Foshan
Yucheng Garden Hotel, Foshan From the city center: 3.5 KM; from the railway station:15 KM; from the airport: 45 KM, Foshan Yucheng Garden Hotel is located at Foping Road, Nanhai District. It covers an area of more than 50 mu, with a building area of 30, 000 square meters. The hotel building is 8 storeys in height and is equipped with a parking lot of 10, 000 square meters. With a fountain in large scale, it has an elegant environment.
Not available

Foshan Xuangong Hotel
Foshan Xuangong Hotel 8-min-drive to Foshan Railway Station ; 25-min-drive to Foshan Airport (FUO) ;, Rotating Place Hotel has 109 rooms and suites, the first hotel with revolving restaurant, is 20 kilometers from Guangzhou City and Xiqiao Mountain, as well as 4 kilometers from Foshan Airport.
Not available

Foshan Nanhai Hui Mei Hotel
Foshan Nanhai Hui Mei Hotel Distance from the Guangzhou airport:60km; Distance from the Foshan airport:30km; Distance from Guangzhou Railway Station:40km; Distance from Dali Bus Station:6km; Distance from the city center of Foshan:25km; Distance from Nanhai Movie and Television City:4km; Distance from Nanguo Tiaoyuan:3km;, HuiMei Hotel lies in Lishui Town, Nanhai District of Foshan City where it is less than half an hour's drive to get to Guangzhou, Foshan, and Nanhai. Besides, Foshan boasts many scenic spots such as Xiqiao Mountain, Zu Temple, Liangyuan (Manor of Liang's Family) and so on. It will take you no more than thirty minutes' drive to reach there.
Not available

Foshan Sanshui Spa Resort
Foshan Sanshui Spa Resort 59km from Foshan Railway Station; 55km from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport; 48km from Foshan Airport; 30km from Sanshui Long-distance Bus Center; 9km from Lubao Long-distance Bus Center., Located in Changqi Village, Lubao Town, the Sanshui Hotspring Resort (Sanshui Wenquan Dujiacun) is about 80-minute drive from downtown city and Foshan Railway Station. Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport is 55km away.
Not available

Dushi Haiyi Hotel, Foshan
Dushi Haiyi Hotel, Foshan To airport: 7km To railway station: 5km, The Harbour Metropolis Hotel (Foshan Dushi Haiyi Jiudian) is situated in the Dali Town of southern Guangdong. Mainly catering to business travelers, this Foshan hotel has foot massage and karaoke rooms where guests can rejuvenate themselves and sing along to their selected songs.
Not available

Golden Hotel - Foshan
Golden Hotel - Foshan - 700 meters to dongxing park. - 3km to international convention and exhibition center. - 19km to foshan railway station. - 22km to foshan airport., The Goledn Hotel (Foshan Jinyu Dajiudian) is located close to Xiqiaoshan Scenic Spot, International Convention and Exhibition Center and China Ceramics Industry Headquarters. It is 22 kilometers from Foshan Airport.
Not available

Ao Yuan Hotel - Foshan
Ao Yuan Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 14.58 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 9.73 km, Foshan Aoyuan Hotel (Shunde Aoyuan Jiudian) is a business hotel located in the prosperous commercial area of Lecong Town in Foshan city. It is adjacent to the biggest furniture exhibition center in China.
Not available

Junyue Hotel - Foshan
Junyue Hotel - Foshan Airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 30 km, The Jun Yue Hotel (Junyue Jiudian) is a business hotel located in Sanshui District, a 30-minute drive from downtown Foshan and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.
Not available

Foshan Guest House
Foshan Guest House Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 10 km Bus Station/Dock/Port Hongyun Long Distance Bus Station 8 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 5 km, The Foshan Guest House (Foshan Yingbinguan) is located in a courtyard with lines of trees.
Not available

Foshan Jin dynasty to Holiday Inn
Foshan Jin dynasty to Holiday Inn Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 6.7 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 3.8 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 10.7 km, The Dajindi Holiday Hotel (Foshan Dajindi Jiari Jiudian) is a modern hotel offering breathtaking river view. It is conveniently located near a railway and a long distance bus stations.
Not available

Goldenlake Hotel - Foshan
Goldenlake Hotel - Foshan Railway Station Foshan Railway Station 3 km Downtown Foshan Ancestral Temple 1.72 km, The Goldenlake Hotel (Jinhu Jiudian) offers various room options. King or queen sized bed with ultra plush bedding are furnished in single business room. Some have sauna and fitness facilities. Free broadband internet is available for room booked ahead.
Not available

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