ChangChun hotels: our hotels located in ChangChun are selected for their features. They are the goodlooking hotels in ChangChun, and they have the lowest rates in ChangChun. Discounted up 70%, often they are well equipped for business events and for conferences. These hotels furnish complete services for office and the richest services in the ChangChun city, they guarantee the best accommodation in ChangChun.

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June Hotel, Changchun
June Hotel, Changchun Distance from the airport:43.67km Distance from Changchun railway station:11.27 km Distance from downtown:9km Distance from Nanhu Plaza: 5km Surrounding environment:Changchun municipal government, the South campus of Jilin University - June Hotel is situated at Xiuzheng Road, adjoin Wal-mart and Jilin University. Covering an area of 3084 square meters and with 15000 square meters of floor area, it is deemed as a top level comprehensive business hotel in the High-tech development zone.
Big Bed Room ex-gratia 40.00 USDBook

Changchun Overseas Chinese Hotel
Changchun Overseas Chinese Hotel It is about 5kms to the city center. About 42kms to the Airport. It about 7kms to the railway station from the hotel. - Located in the depth of the birch forest and closed to the lake, the Changchun Overseas Chinese Hotel is a four star hotel which include restaurant, accommodation, entertainment and conference all together. Mr. Fujie wrote the name for the hotel; Norodom Sihanouk and his wife Monick came and celebrate the starting business of the hotel in May 26, 1991.
Executive Twin Room 77.00 USDBook

Zhuozhan Days Hotel,Changchun
Zhuozhan Days Hotel,Changchun Distance from the airport: 37km Distance from Changchun railway station: 2.5km - Zhuozhan Days Hotel setup and decorated according to the 5-star standard and is member of Day Inn Worldwide. Located at the Central of Changchun City, It is most convenient to reach by public transportation, 50 minutes away from the Changchun International Airport, 10 minutes from the Railway Station. The hotel is on top of Changchun biggest shopping arcade; Charter Time Square Shopping Arcade
Standard Big Bed Room Prepay included 1 Breakfast1,733.00 USDBook

Changchun International Conference Center
Changchun International Conference Center Distance from airport: 33.2km Distance from Changchun railway station: 8km Distance from city center:6km Distance from the business center:2.5km - Changchun International Conference Center is a 4-star hotel located in the city centre. Opened in 1998 and decorated in 2002, it has received important guests including national leaders and foreign ministers.
Standard Big Bed Room 41.00 USDBook

Redbuds Hotel, Changchun
Redbuds Hotel, Changchun Distance from airport: 37.79 km Distance from Changchun railway station: 6.5km Distance from city center:3.84km - Redbuds Hotel is a 5 star foreign-related hotel located at the southern point of the People' s Avenue and adjacent to the picturesque Nanhu scenery area.
Family Room 71.00 USDBook

Ji Xiang Hotel ,Changchun
Ji Xiang Hotel ,Changchun Driving to Changchun Railway Station:10mins Driving to Changchun Airport:45mins - Jixiang Hotel is a four star hotel set up by Hongkong Jixiang Group which including business, entertainment and leisure together.
Superior Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast49.00 USDBook

Swiss-Bel Hotel ,Changchun
Swiss-Bel Hotel ,Changchun To City Center: 7.6km; To Railway Station: 9km; To Airport: 41km; To Exhibition Center: 30km; To Bus Station: 20km. Surrounding Landscape: Car city, Cultural Palace, Cinema, Emporium. - Providing an oasis of tranquility and an ideal place to experience a unique blend of traditional Chinese hospitality and international experience. The Swiss-Belhotel Changchun is waiting to welcome you.With 245 guestrooms, this 4-star international business hotel in Changchun provides guest amenities that meets the expectation of seasoned travellers.
Superior Twin Room 61.00 USDBook

Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center Hotel
Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center Hotel Distance from Longjia international airport: 35km Distance from railway station: 13km - The Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center is a four star hotel located in Changchun Economic Development Zone.The hotel is close to the beautiful Jingyuetan Garden, and owns a quiet environment for the guests to relax themselves and enjoy the beauty of the nature.
Twin Room 55.00 USDBook

Jilin Province Finance Building Hotel ,Changchun
Jilin Province Finance Building Hotel ,Changchun 50-min-drive to airport and 5-min-drive to railway station - Jilin Province Finance Building Hotel is located on Renmin Street, near to Renmin Plaza, 50-min-drive to airport and 5-min-drive to railway station.
Standard Room included 2 Breakfast48.00 USDBook

Changchun Zhongchang Mansion Hotel
Changchun Zhongchang Mansion Hotel The hotel is located in the business circle of Changchun Railway Station, in the intersection of Liaoning Road and West Er Tiao Street. 150 metres from Line 3 light rail Changchun Station; 170 metres from Chuangchun Railway Station; 300 metres from Changchun Bus Center; 37km from Changchun Longjia International Airport. - Changchun Zhongchang Mansion Hotel is located in the No. 458 Liaoning Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun, close to the Changchun Railway Station, located in the downtown area, surrounded by shopping malls, supermarkets, stores and other supporting places, the location and transportation is convenient.
Superior Twin Room 25.00 USDBook

Changchun Noble Hotel
Changchun Noble Hotel It is just 40 minutes drive away from the airport,5 minutes walk away to the downtown shopping street. - HNA Hotel Noble Changchun, the first five star hotel in changchun which located at the mid point of Renmin Street with very convenient transportation.
Business Big Bed Room Prepay54.00 USDBook

Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun
Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun The Shangri-La Hotel is located in the heart of the diplomatic and financial district, close to People's Square and Last Emperor's Palace. It's 30 minutes from international airport and adjacent to the Changchun Department Store. - The Shangri-La Hotel is located in the heart of the diplomatic and financial district, close to People's Square and Last Emperor's Palace. It's 30 minutes from international airport and adjacent to the Changchun Department Store.
Superior Single Room included 1 Breakfast85.00 USDBook

New Jiliang Grand Hotel ,Changchun
New Jiliang Grand Hotel ,Changchun Distance from the airport: 39km Distance from Changchun railway station: 7km Distance from the city center: 5km - New Jiliang Grand Hotel is a 4-star standard hotel located at the People' s Avenue, adjacent to the Nanhu Park. With a building at 27 floors high, it is considered one of the symbolic buildings in Changchun. Being in the Wanlong Mansion, you are able to enjoy the sights of Nanhu Lake and the People' s Avenue.
Standard Twin Room included 1 Breakfast55.00 USDBook

International Trade Hotel, Changchun
International Trade Hotel, Changchun It is 36kms to the International Airport, 2.24 kms to the railway station and 0 kms to the city center. - It is located in the intersection of Chongqing Lu and the northern part of Renmin dajie. Changchun's biggest commercial street, and the center of Changchun, is within walking distance.
Standard Twin Room 45.00 USDBook

Qian Jin Hotel, Changchun
Qian Jin Hotel, Changchun Distance from airport: 43km Distance from Changchun railway station: 10km Distance from city center:7.5km Distance from Nanhu Plaza:1km - Qianjin Hotel (the Golden Key hotel), is a modern hotel combines accommodation, business, leisure, and conference services. It is located in the Changchun Economic Development Zone, taking great advantages of the convenient transportation conditions.
Deluxe Single Room 87.00 USDBook

Chun Yi Hotel , Changchun
Chun Yi Hotel , Changchun - Situated near Changchun Railway Station, the Chunyi Hotel (Chunyi Binguan) is only ten-minute drive from downtown.
Mini Room 42.00 USDBook

Jianan Hotel ,Changchun
Jianan Hotel ,Changchun Locate at the center section of Changchun, 50-min-drive to airport, 15-min-drive to railway station - The Jin-An Hotel Changchun (Jin'an Dafandian) is a business hotel situated on Xinhua Road in Chaoyang District within easy reach of the commercial area and train station. It is also a 50-minute drive from the airport.
Deluxe Executive Suite with two breakfast215.00 USDBook

Changchun Haolong Hotel
Changchun Haolong Hotel - 2 km to the railway station; - 2 km to changchun coach center; - 36 km to longjia international airport. - The Haolong Hotel (Haolong Fandian) is located near the railway station. It is 36 kilometers from Longjia International Airport.
Fashion Big Bed Room 18.00 USDBook

Changchun Haihang Changbaishan Hotel
Changchun Haihang Changbaishan Hotel - 3 km to Lightrailway Station; - 7 km to Changchun Railway Station; - 38 km to Longjia International Airport. - Changbaishan Hotel is a tourism hotel integrating accommodation, dining, bathing and recreation facilities. Located in the beautiful Nanhu, the hotel is also a good choice for business and travel.
Business Standard Twin Room 56.00 USDBook

South Lake Hotel, Jilin
South Lake Hotel, Jilin Distance from the city centre: 5km Distance from the railway station:8.25km Distance from the airport: 39.2km Distance from the exhibition centre: 4km Distance from the Long distance bus station: 1km, South Lake Hotel was founded in September 1958, and run business on October 3, 1960.After half a century of development, it became one of the members of the Golden key Hotels of the World, first batch of national AAAAA level Green Hotel, China's five-star hotel. South Lake Hotel shines in the hotel services.
Not available

Huatian Hotel, Changchun Wireless Internet
Huatian Hotel, Changchun To the downtown: 6km To the railway station: 7km To the airport: 41km To the exhibition center: 20km To the coach station: 5km, The Huatian Hotel Changchun is a four star business hotel in Changchun, which is built according to international standards. And the building area is 82, 500 square meters with the component of main building and the China Club. The Huatian Hotel Changchun is host to a 32-story, the height of 99.8 meters, and 14 passengers Elevator.
Not available

Jilin Yatai Hotel
Jilin Yatai Hotel -Located in the city center which is the most convenience area in Changchun city. It takes 50mins to drive to Changchun Airport and 10mins to Changchun railway station., Jilin Yatai Hotel is a business and foreign-related hotel built according to four-star standard. Hotel is located in the bustling Golden belt of Changchun city, strategic location and convenient transportation. 10 minutes' driving from the railway station, 50 minutes' driving from Longjia airport, known as "Golden Place Golden Street Golden Triangle" of the world.
Not available

Hotel of Chang Chun International Building
Hotel of Chang Chun International Building distance from airport:36km distance from Changchun railway station:3km, Hotel of Chang Chun International Building is situated in the golden block of quickly developing business. Excellent facility and elegant atmosphere provide you with business and traveling convenience. Abundant delicacies, different types of restaurant and bar your ideal leisure and entertaining place, warm atmosphere and excellent service make you feel at home.
Not available

Communications Hotel,Changchun
Communications Hotel,Changchun 1.5km to downtown Changchun; 4km to the railway station; 36km to the airport;, Communications Hotel, Changchun is a three-star hotel locating on the prosporous Jiefang road and neighboring the commercial area of Chongqing road and Guilin road.
Not available

Changchun Jindu Hotel
Changchun Jindu Hotel - 1km to city center; - 5km to Railway Station; - 45km to Airport; - 9km to Exhibition Center; - 2km to Coach Station., The Jindu Hotel (Changchun Jindu Fandian) is a comprehensive three-star hotel located near the intersection of Kangping Street and Xi'an Road, in the heart of . The hotel offers various room types, Chinese and Western restaurants, KTV, a nightclub and bars.
Not available

Changchun Jessica Business Hotel
Changchun Jessica Business Hotel Railway Station Changchun Railway Station 3.2 km Airport Changchun Longjia International Airport 40 km Downtown People' Square 4 km, The Changchun Jessica Business Hotel (Changchun Jiexika Shangwu Zhuti Binguan) is a business hotel located on 88 Xinzhu Road of LVyuan District, close to Tianle Shopping Mall. The hotel features a style combining both classic and modern elements.
Not available

Jilin province Changchun Union Hotel
Jilin province Changchun Union Hotel Railway Station Changchun Railway Station 10.19 km Airport Changchun Longjia International Airport 34.02 km Downtown People' Square 8.1 km, The Hehe Hotel (Hehe Huiguan) is a deluxe hotel situated to the south of Saide Square in Changchun's main economic and technological development zone, close to the Side Mall and Wanda Cinema.
Not available

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